We are heading towards a Sustainable Future

By Nandini MukherjeeIndia has seen a rapid growth in the use of clean and sustainable practices over the past few years. The renewable energy market in India alone is estimated to be at USD 17 billion and is expected to continue growing at 15% annually. The country’s growing economy and surging demand for clean power to strengthen energy security and reduce pollution, as well as ongoing sector reforms, is making India one of the most attractive destinations in the world for environmentally-friendly investments, as per an ADB report. The future of cleantech is changing in India. It represents a key market for clean technology companies as it is investing billions in this sector. Macro developments such as urbanization, rapid growth, climate change, and depletion of resources continue to drive the need for investments in clean technologies.
At the same time, promising industries are suddenly diminishing and new clean industries are coming onboard to drive future growth for clean technologies.The Cleantech startups in India is growing year on year, seeking to produce environment-friendly products which should benefit the natural environment by adopting clean production technology and using harmless or less harmful new techniques, energy resources, and technology.

New disruptive innovations are unlocking new big cleantech markets

A clutch of such startups is driving disruptive innovation and the growth of clean technology. They are developing the technologies, business models, products, and services required to deploy and finance cost-effective cleantech solutions at scale. New disruptive innovations are unlocking new big cleantech markets. Startups are bringing smarter innovations to the market that needs an evolved cleantech ecosystem to help scale up. These startups are an innovative opportunity that is in harmony with nature and the environment, which limits ecological risks and seizes economic opportunities. Undoubtedly, these startups are seen by the country's leaders as future pillars of the Indian Sustainable Development.