Why are Start-ups gaining more attention than Big Companies!!

By Aparna RoyNowadays you will often hear people going gaga over start-ups than the big companies. This is because the founders of many successful innovations like Uber, Slack, Facebook etc have earned enormous profits, fame and substantial opportunities. Which however has encouraged thousands of aspiring speculators to convert their ideas into ventures that will earn them millions and billions.

The three basic important aspects of start-ups that are attracting many people are:

• A chance to earn a lot of money.
• Interesting and challenging opportunities.
• Much more to learn and evolve with passing years.

An entrepreneur will be exposed to a huge number of opportunities. Even though these opportunities may include great risk but once tackled can gain substantial wealth and notability. This opens a window of scopes and possibilities that can make an enterprise be counted
amongst the notable moguls of the business world.

Taking the great example of Mark Zuckerberg, who is the fourth richest person in the World, had he been working in any big corporations where he would invest his ideas and skills, there were almost zero chances for him to even be counted among the millionaires.

Furthermore, for those who are working in a start-up, they are a part of a small team which give them and their works more chances of being recognised, they are assigned important roles, their suggestions and opinions are valued. The challenges and multitasking somehow mould the skills and talents of those working in a start-up.

Ultimately it becomes more than just a job; it becomes more of a passion or a hobby horse. This, however, enhances the performance and credibility of each individual associated with the start-up, either the creator or the employees.

Now, if we have a look at big companies they are no doubt large, more stable and brand themselves. Yet these three points are making them less preferable:
• Monotonous work.
• Huge team and less recognition.
• And of course, focuses more on profits than innovation.

Basically, a person working in any big company will be doing the same kind of work that the previous employee or the seniors have done. With of course a few changes in the technical up gradation. But those associated with these firms may mint huge money but will be leading tedious work life and individual growth in terms of money and position may be slow-moving.