Engvarta: Empowering Professionals with Better Communication Skills

Ashish Pandey,  FounderThe MNCs often look for candidates that can communicate well with international clients and English serves as the medium for this. A candidate might possess the desired skill sets for a particular job, but clearing the Group Discussion Rounds, or the Personal Interview still requires proficiency in the English language. The key to cracking complex interviews lies in the confidence of the candidate and to impress the Interviewer, it is a must. Established in 2017, Engvarta is a linguistic platform that encourages and assists candidates across all spheres to learn and practice the English language.

While we live in a world that follows various cultures and celebrates identities, English by far is considered the most sophisticated language spoken across the globe and serves as a benchmark language even when you are traveling abroad. The accent is just as important as the language itself, but that restricts the country it is being followed.

India is a country that celebrates its linguistic diversity; being the nation where 22 languages are spoken. And, these are just the main languages spoken in India, the regional dialects can add to streams of other languages that are followed within a particular region. While the facts are as proud and astonishing, we need to acknowledge the fact that being a nation where the National
Language is ‘Hindi’, the language isn’t as celebrated and used in the official sphere as ‘English’.

Recorded Sessions & Convenient Time Slots
The EdTech Startups have been at a boom phase in the Covid-times as they took on the traditional system of education. The phase was the onset of digital education and will continue to be a normal concept in a hybrid education form. As covid brought along certain challenges for almost all industries, the Edtech Industry explored newer possibilities as more entrants kept offering Tech enabled courses for kids as well as professionals. “Engvarta observed the existing opportunity in the sector and channelized its efforts towards reaching out to all individuals that required help with the English language. It built its platform in such a manner that learning became easy and more authentic and promising as compared to the local ‘English Classes’ in the street”, says co-founder Ashish.

Engvarta takes pride in being the primary aggregator of confidence

Engvarta came up with ways that can improve and serve the end-user with the best learning techniques. There are multiple experts on the platform that are willing to offer help. The best part is that each session is conducted with a different expert to gain more knowledge and practicing each time with a different instructor helps gain more confidence. The recorded sessions and convenient time slots are some additional perks on the platform.

Helping Boost Confidence
Experts at Engvarta are trained professionals from various sectors. They are verified by the platform, thus making Engvarta a safe and trusted environment for learning. The experts are trained to serve the candidate by understanding their pain points and patiently dealing with them throughout the entire learning process. The end goal is an important aspect of learning, whether the candidate wants to focus on grammar or basic English knowledge. The candidates can reach out to the experts for doubts or practice the Language.

“Of course, there is a feel-good factor when the candidate comes back to us saying that he got promoted or the platform help him boost his confidence”, says Ashish. The roadmap for Engvarta is to reach out to more users from the existing number which is 15 lakh users, and excel in the services.