HapGen Education: An Online Educational Platform for Instant Adaptive Learning in Native Language

Sapna Jha,   Founder & Managing Director

Sapna Jha

Founder & Managing Director

As we navigate the roadmap drawn by COVID-19, we know there will continue to be accelerated digital transformation and rapid innovation of education intended to positively impact student outcomes in 2022. This will take many forms, from institutions evolving their operations to students optimizing their learning with technology to caregivers connecting directly with their children's education through edtech services.

To support both new and existing solutions, HapGen Educational Services provides leading-edge learning experiences with its diverse range of educational offerings. With its trailblazing product MyTutorsOnline, the firm offers one of the world's most extensive global instant online courses platform for learners to get learning help anywhere, anytime, irrespective of their native language, time zone, and physical location globally. Their vision is to impart the right set of quality learning, personalized career strategy, and success mind set development to equip the learners with future ready skills beyond boundaries.

"We at MyTutorsOnline believe each child is unique. That's why we have come up with customized student centered learning. We apply different approaches and methodologies for each student. Learning through live interactive sessions from all over the world impart more confidence, judgment about intelligence at a global level, and an exponential increase in the analytical
approach towards solving questions", stated Sapna Jha, Founder & Managing Director, HapGen Education.

Various Courses to Enhance Teaching & Learning Experience
Whether one needs help understanding a complex topic, challenging assignments, preparing standardized tests, is stuck up in any unsolved question or needs career guidance to select the right career path, needs help for college admission or looking for a job, or wants to upgrade the skill, HapGen Education's experts are ready to help and mentor instantly live online to assist them in reaching the learning goals & future aspirations. The firm has a diverse range of products to provide a revolutionary learning experience and give maximum time and effort to research & development to come up with the most acceptable EdTech product in the industry. As mentioned above, one such product is, MyTutorsOnline, which works with the learner centric comprehensive solutions model. MyTutorsOnline is an extensive online study center comprising teachers, professors, and subject matter experts who contribute to the vast collection of live study resources. Get instant live online help, textbook solutions, study guides, practice tests, practice problems, lecture notes, equation sheets, etc.

To support both new and existing solutions, HapGen Educational Services provides leading-edge learning experiences with its diverse range of educational offerings

"We have the educational offerings ready to assist him/her reach the learning goals. One can subscribe to individual courses as per his/her availability or enroll for group courses where sessions are held in a group for peer-to-peer interaction and for increasing performance with a global competitive benchmark. One can also get access to personalized scientific career guidance mapped with AI driven psychometric assessments and relevant research and knowledge tools for comprehensive analysis of cognitive ability, behavioural approach, and intensive assessment of aptitude", added Sapna.

Hence, the top priority for HapGen Educational Services would be more global expansion and partnering with many schools colleges, and higher education institutions to build an integrated system where all stakeholders of education will have equal opportunities. "I aspire to develop the newer products engrossed with AI to engage the customer base and enhance their experiences. Also to come up with holistic learning beyond boundaries and build trust and credibility with many customers", concluded Sapna.