Allure Strategies: Data-driven Digital Marketing Strategies for Your Business

Jovitha Franklin,FounderEvery business owners and marketers are looking at digital marketing as one of the solutions for running their campaigns. However, the question one needs to ask here is ­ are they aligned with their business strategies and prospects? Jovitha Franklin, Founder, Allure Strategies, a marketing expert and a techie by profession, throwing light on the same, enlightens "India posses a huge amount of data, but it is not being used, effectively, and DigiData Marketing should be the approach where there is more use of the database in digital marketing. If we carefully start analyzing this data, we can prudently reduce the marketing cost and increase RoI, drastically."

Proffering Digital Marketing and Database Marketing solutions to its clients across industries, Chennai-based Allure Strategies takes great pride in its work. "From the get-go, we do thorough qualitative and quantitative research about the specific product, the market space, and the competition. We ask lots of questions and try to under-stand as much as possible about the product, market, and the target audience. This learning further helps us position our clients in a proper place," says Jovitha, proudly.

Achieving Success
Allure Strategies ensures to make its clients business relevant and RoI driven through
structured digital marketing strategies and execution measures. Today, the company offers a gamut of services in digital marketing to its clients, where it provides SEO, SMO, SMM, SEM, email marketing, and Whatsapp marketing amongst other services.

"We always try and bring intelligence to digital marketing. We marry database marketing into digital marketing," asserts Jovitha, intriguingly. For example, the company helped one of the rig manufacturers to move into new territory, and Al-lure Strategies was instrumental in heading their marketing campaigns, and today, they are reaping the benefits. Also, recently, one of the shoe manufacturing companies launched their product in the UAE. These are just a few instances, but the impact it has left on its clients business speaks creditability and volumes.

Allure Strategies ensures to make its clients business relevant and RoI driven through structured digital marketing strategies and execution measures

"Clients want immediate results, and some of the strategies are for the long term. So, we understand the objectives and make sure we have the right strategy to achieve them. For quick results, you need to spend a little more. But, sometimes the clients are not willing to. Therefore, we mix and match the client's needs and customer's expectations accordingly," shares Jovitha.

Architecting Successful Solutions
"I always had a fantasy for marketing, and with digital marketing that is evolving constantly. That keeps us on the hook to stay ahead of the curve, to be able to garner consumer's attention. So, we like challenges, and this is what keeps us on our toes, at all times," says Jovitha, the man behind Allure Strategies brilliance.

Founded in 2015, the company has had steady growth over the years. It has matured into a full-fledged digital marketing company that offers services to its clients across the globe. Today, Allure Strategies has its clients present in the US, Canada, the Middle East, Australia, South East Asia, and India. "We are proud to say that we specialize in startups, where we have helped a few of them get angel funding, and take the business to the next level and new geographies," asserts Jovitha.

Further concluding about the roadmap ahead of the company, he says, "We are currently focused more on B2B clients, and we strongly feel the typical cookie-cutter approach does not work for these clients. Also, we are trying new strategies for B2B2C."