Analytics Saves at Work: Profitability by Leveraging Data Analytics

Archna Wadhwa,FounderHow does it feel when discarded pile of boxes earn you profit or your ‘never to work’ files give you insight into reducing operational cost and turning into profit? Joyous. Right? However, not all analytics firms you partner with will offer you this. But this is made possible by Analytics Saves at Work (aSaw) – a boutique analytics consulting firm, which exploits data analytics for optimization of operational cost and increase in revenue depicting a four dimensional view of how data can help an organization.

Although in-depth analysis of correct data holds the power to engrave a business firm’s success story, only 39 percent of the companies use such significant customer data and translate it to profit. There is a common misconception about Big Data that it’s complex. Adding to this are many big data startups, which provide data analytics using tools and in-depth data mining solutions. aSaw provides guaranteed results and not just solutions through getting data from various sources including social media and machine data, analyzing it and providing insights by integrating the relevant data present in silos, which results in increased business profitability.
To be ahead on the curve of innovation, this startup is in discussion with the premium institutes of India for partnership in research.

Using innovative decision making framework,tools and partnership with the clients, a Saw not only guarantees results through increased efficiency of people and processes, but also helps clients to achieve customer-focused revenue growth

Streamlining Fallacious Business Models

Having spent 15 years in data analytics and business transformation in banking sector, the founder, Archna Wadhwa, chose to follow her heart and set up her own company in 2014 in UK followed by an office in Bangalore, as she envisioned an immense scope for analytics in Retail, Logistics, Airlines and Telecom in addition to Banking.

An engineer from Punjab University and MBA from IIT Kharagpur, Archna set up a Global Analytics Centre in Kolkata for HSBC and later managed the consolidation of European Analytics Centre in UK. In her last role, she was a Chief Data Officer in Group Headquarters of HSBC, London. Her colossal knowledge in business, operations and data analytics provides a Saw a definite boost to improve operational excellence and profitability.
Using innovative decision making framework, tools and partnership with the clients, aSaw not only guarantees results through increased efficiency of people and processes, but also helps clients to achieve customer-focused revenue growth. Through continuous learning of new technologies and unlearning the traditional techniques, the company is steadily increasing its tempo in the data analytics industry. Archna explains, “We have to unlearn something every day to learn something new because it is an evolving industry and what you have learnt couple of years back is not going to work today”. Her philosophy has been employing innovative, creative and out-of-the box minds who are at the fore of competition and who can bring value to the business. The startup environment of the company lets its employees, who are hired from the top MNCs, enjoy a free space where they can learn and enhance their existing skills without limiting themselves in time-boundary.

Revamping Future of Business Intelligence

With unique business model of linking up with industry experts and also with global academic institutions for research purposes, a Saw wants to grow as a big brand in analytics and consulting through saving operational cost. Setting targets at Asia, Europe and Middle-East market, Archna wants to have another office in Singapore or Hong Kong in the next two years. Amid authenticity in data analytics and an experienced team at the back, this new-born company aims to go big and has the potential to taste success.