Atomex E-Motors: Creating A Legacy In Offering Future Electric-Powered Bikes

Prashant Shashikant Pawar,FounderA future on two wheels? That's exactly where we are heading to. With an extensive number of new electric vehicles coming-up, it's no longer up for debate whether or not the future for the automotive industry is electric. Self-driving cars, autonomous drones, and electric scooters are just some of the most innovative approaches offered in transportation market. Bikes, also known as electric bikes or booster bikes, are gaining market share in a crowded alternative transportation industry. Major manufacturers across the world are now investing in electric and related technologies. While the EV revolution is gaining momentum in India, no startups want to be left behind in the race. Numerous startups are bringing new EVs to market between now and 2022, and many of them backed by giant investors are already paving ways to launch their electric vehicles in Indian market.

Nashik-based Atomex E-Motors India Pvt Ltd is one such electric bike startup that is leading the path to electric mobility in India. Playing a pivotal role in the evolving electric mobility space, the startup offers technology for a superior, quicker and an unforgettable experience-oriented ride. Atomex E Motors Group is a leading manufacturer of some of the world's most admired vehicles. Continuing its legacy, with a focus on engineering and tech-enabled automotive solutions, it aspires to create a legacy in offering future electric-powered bikes to be the best and reduce global warming. "Technological disruptions are defining and influencing mobility habits globally, and today's value-focused preferences are driving the business operations of tomorrow. With climate, demographics, urbanization and rapid technological changes assuming center-stage, the future increasingly seems to be moving towards being autonomous, connected, electric and shared. As next-generation technologies and automotive worlds merge, we at Atomex are well prepared to embrace the future with 'Charge' and 'Accelerate'. We believe that tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. As responsible auto-makers, we are committed to transforming the future mobility and more," explicates Prashant Shashikant Pawar, Founder, Atomex E-Motors India.

Creating a Legacy
The idea behind Atomex germinated with a simple yet powerful thought of leading the country towards green and clean drive. Throwing light on the inception of Atomex, Prashant says, "When I launched my electric bike company over a year ago, I was driven to create a business that would do more than garnering profit. I wanted to build a company that would make a difference in people's lives, their future with electric bikes, and
most importantly, create a legacy for my team, my customers and my community that would last ahead of my days as CEO in Atomex E Motors India. And this was possible only with a universally accepted clear vision. Eventually, I began the process of creating my EV company's culture by specifically defining my vision, mission, purpose and values. This was definitely time and effort consuming, but an insightful journey".

After several iterations, the final product was market-ready. But this was just the beginning. The objective was to deliver upon a vision and let that inspire and motivate the entire team. With sheer dedication and endless labour, Atomex became the first largest automobile company in 2019 with sales increasing and it started focusing more on the two-wheelers segment. Interestingly, in the same year, Atomex also became one of India's top-most company in Electric bike segment, followed by the honour of being recognized as an `Amazingly Ambitious Automobile Company', amongst others.

To keep the momentum going strong amid a slowing automobile market, Atomex's R&D has pulled-up its socks to bring awareness in electric bikes models everywhere for the next five years

A Dexterous Team that Leads the Way
Of all things that improve the chances and likelihood of a company's success, wonderful, dedicated and ambitious people are vital for success. Atomex houses a team of high-performing members who have the right mix of superlative technical and social skills. Together, they work to meet the company's objective ­ to turn the table around with intelligent travel integrated solutions as a global enterprise automotive and e-mobility leadership solutions.

To keep the momentum going strong amid a slowing automobile market, the company's R&D has pulled-up its socks to bring awareness in electric bikes models everywhere for the next five years. The most recent of these launches in the coming future will be the Atomex cars. The Atomex, which is on road test for quite some time now, will probably hit Indian roads in coming months. "With the market dynamics changing rapidly and new brands and vehicles coming into Indian markets gradually, the competition is heating-up especially in the small automobile segment. To keep-up with its leading position and keep the growth momentum strong in the coming years, Atomex will put more efforts on new product launches and research & development activities. The new R&D centre is also in pipeline at Vashi in Mumbai. There is also expected to be substantial budgets allocated for new product development, will help Atomex keep itself in the top selling charts across various two-wheeler & four wheeler segments in India," he informs.

Extrapolating current numbers from various industry sources suggests that millennial will represent more than 95 percent of the potential two-wheeler-buying customers in 2025. Atomex will thereby form the largest new two-wheeler purchasing demographic. That is why over the next five to ten years, automotive players need to look beyond the automotive industry to anticipate the needs of this first generation of integrated mobility customers.

Prashant Shashikant Pawar, Founder
Prashant has launched his first startup named as Pash Trader Import Export Pvt. Ltd. in 2012 at the age of 22 years. After a lot of research, he pivoted ATOMEX E-MOTORS in 2017, which is basically running in 7+ countries including Thailand, UAE, China, Indonesia, Philippines, Germany, Korea and Taiwan. In 2013, he started the largest import export company & Automobile company in south east Asia. The business included automobile services. He earned a top-five spot in the country's automobile services since its Public launch on 7th September 2019.

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