Bamerbio: Creating Products to integrate Life with Science

Mr. Maruthi Prasad Merdha a biochemist who has omni presence in pharmaceutical industry, started his career as an academician, QC analyst, biologist(Drug Discovery) and a marketeer, while working in a large pharma company in 2017 Mr Maruthi Prasad and Srikanth Singh a chemical engineer with 25+ years of experience has decided to start up an active nutraceutical company to integrate life with science, they then decided to deliver more into it to understand dynamics of nutraceuticals with pharmaceutical therapy, for which they formed a team of medical consultants, marketeers and chemical engineers.

As a team they started the literature search as well as nailed down few ingredients for their launch pipeline one of which is an imported ingredient from Italy also formulated with exclusive ingredients has helped the patients suffering from UV-Ray skinand launched the product named "UV -first" in the year 2018, which has helped at least 10,000+ sufferers of Melasma which is more aggravated due to sun rays. Now with this product in the South Indian market recurrence of Melasma has been a choice and for this an observational study was published in Dec 2020 by two of the Key Opinion Leaders from Dermatology fraternity from Hyderabad.

Earlier this year the team has ventured into neuro-psychiatry through their sister concern MPM healthcare also launched a product called "COGNIPHYX in the year 2020 December with an exclusive ingredient imported from Italy with the same has helped the patients with cognitive impairment, memory issues, depression and anxiety to live the better life and was synergistic to their ongoing pharmaceutical therapy.

With a mission to bridge this gap so every patient lives a longer healthier life they started the journey from Hyderabad we are on a pursuit of identifying and integrating the therapeutic nutraceuticals to optimise the patients wellness, we could establish the evidence of integrating new to nutraceuticals with pharmaceuticals in therapy areas of dermatology cosmetology & neuro-psychiatry
by offering products to augment and optimise the outcomes which are patient satisfactory adds Mr Maruthi Prasad. With its consistent as well as continuous efforts to optimise the pharmaceutical out-comes across the therapy areas the company is currently on the journey to build a strong pipeline of products to bring in newer augmenting therapies which are evidence-based and consumer centric.

Srikant Singh,Maruthi Prasad Merdha, Founder & Director

BAMER BIO sources main ingredients for its products from Italy and Japan, formulates in India its first product UV-First was also sourced from Italy and formulated with active ingredients from India UV-First is a capsule which is now largely pre-scribed by dermatologists, the early findings of an observational study about this formulation revealed that it was particularly helpful for the patients with melasma/Hyperpigmentation a common skin condition that usually affects the facial skin and causes brown patches. Most patients would consume UV-First along with the prescribed drugs by Dermatologists, the study further demonstrated that it helped in quicker results and having a synergistic action-with drug therapy for recurrent Melasma treatment and currently there are 10,000+Patients, The team sourced an active ingredient for neuropsychiatry from Italy and formulated in India which is used by the key opinion leaders of Neuropsychiatry Fraternity in cognitive impairment, depression and anxiety.

This product has been in the market for approximately three months now which has 3000+ users currently BAM-ER Bio's products are being widely used in South India & northern India the company wishes to expand and establish Pan India operations. The company has held meetings with key opinion leaders of medical fraternity in the respective areas of dermatology, cosmetology & neuropsychiatry across the country which has conducted national advisory boards, regional advisory boards and also a key opinion leader panel discussion in the therapy areas be taken upon to understand the augmentation of nutraceuticals with pharmaceuticals in that particular therapy area, according to Mr Maruti. BAMER Bio-will soon be getting in investments and with that apart from growing their products they wish to establish their own manufacturing unit, this year things are getting better and we hope to venture into untapped fields and help as many as patients possible concludes Mr Maruthi.