Bandhu Group: Revolutionizing Aquaculture with Innovative Eco-Friendly Solutions

Priyaranjan Das ,  FounderAquaculture industry has grown significantly in recent years, with the global market size reaching 75.6 million tons in 2022 and is expected to expand further to 100.3 million tons by 2028, at a CAGR of 4.86 percent during 2023-2028. The growth can be attributed to the increasing demand for seafood, advanced aquaculture techniques, and the use of modern equipment.

Moreover, the demand for fish oil in various industries like food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, and nutraceuticals drives market growth. However, inadequate availability of clean water and a suitable environment remains a major challenge. In India, the government has encouraged aquaculture by providing subsidies to construct ponds. In response, the Bandhu Group has developed a cost-effective and innovative organic bio-ball filter cum aeration system for both urban and rural fish and prawn growers, as well as wastewater treatment.

The system, patented by the Bandhu Group, is tailored to the customer's water needs and is self-sufficient. Bandhu Group was founded in September 2018 in Odisha by Priyaranjan Das. The bio-filtration system developed by the company uses no chemicals and is energyefficient, achieving zero percent water wastage and 100 percent water reclamation and energy utilization.
The company employs local tribal people to manufacture and provide employment opportunities for the local community. Despite multiple challenges, Bandhu Group successfully overcame to become a market leader with their unique product, which was developed independently without following trends or replicating existing products.

Innovative Aquaculture Systems & Resource Optimization
Bandhu Group has implemented various aquaculture systems such as the Backyard application system, sewage water-based aquaculture system, and flow water aquaculture system. To prepare fish food, the company uses local agricultural waste like waste fruits and vegetables and focuses on utilizing resources and energy optimally. Additionally, the company provides aeration systems and water to areas with water scarcity, including mountainous regions, through the use of new technology, pond liners, and water iteration to establish an aquaculture facility. Bandhu Group also provides consulting services to organizations such as the Jeevika livelihood mission in Bihar, PCI Global, state government projects, and municipality corporations.

The system, patented by the Bandhu Group, is tailored to the customer's water needs and is selfsufficient

The company has received approval from the National Fisheries Development Board (NFDB) and aggregation from the National Rice Research Institute (NRRI) in Cuttack, Odisha. Moreover, Bandhu Group provides services to a Dubai-based client with an oil extraction facility in Odisha, one of the largest separate aquatic systems, and offers turnkey projects to clients in other states. The company also provides inputs for intuitive farming units like the fish seed, ducklings, and their feeds to its farmer base. Currently, Bandhu Group is working on turnkey projects in Jharkhand and Bihar.

“As a company, we strive to be people-centric and this is reflected in our name, Bandhu, which means mate in the Odia language”, said Priyaranjan Das, Founder and CEO. To enhance its operations, Bandhu Group plans to establish outlet channels in all areas, each covering a geographic area of 10 km only, aiming to operate more efficiently and effectively by dividing its management system into smaller areas and creating a channel with each client. With a team of 500 dedicated employees, including engineers and PhDs, Bandhu Group has expanded its product line by increasing the number of distributors. The company aims to establish its system in waterscarce areas, supporting a livable environment and a developing ecosystem.