Big Bolt Creatives: Unleashing the potential of Brands

Akshay Potdar,Founder There has been a revolutionary shift in the way businesses look upon their marketing activities. Everything is moving from traditional to conventional digital marketing strategies and techniques like social media plat-forms are being the new evangelism marketing techniques. Digital marketing is evolving at an equal pace following this technological shift. More and more ways of connecting with the audience are being invented frequently. Businesses can truly expect a surge in their prof-it-making if they try to keep pace with the latest technologies and develop a great digital marketing strategy to work around it. These days, rich media such as videos have seen dominating the entire digital scenario. Also, there has been a sudden rise in the number of digital marketing agencies. One such agency is Mumbai-based Big Bolt Creatives, a 360-degree marketing and advertising agency that helps brands reach their full potential in engaging a broader spectrum of audience.

Brought up in a business family, Akshay Potdar moved to Canada where he accepted many challenging roles. After gaining a detailed understanding of how businesses work and how exactly is marketing assisting the business growth, he returned to India in the year 2014; a time when digital marketing was witnessing a huge shift. Akshay looked
at this trend as an avenue of opportunity to showcase the robust expertise he perceived in the marketing space and bring changes in the Indian market. He noticed that the major differences existing in the country were that the systems were inconsistent, monotonous and didn't carry any innovations. There was an absolute necessity for agencies to bring in more creative and original work. To address the loopholes in the marketing space, he established Big Bolt Creatives.

Rising above all!
Getting a good start is important to success. While sustainability and consistency were the initial hassles that team Big Bolt encountered, standing out in the crowd was vital. "It took a lot of time and effort to become what we are now. Big Bolt is the fruit of commitment and unremitting efforts consistently. Our actions were never in vain," says Akshay. Over the years, with unswerving deliverables and quality of work, the company has made a mark in the competitive industry. It serves all categories of businesses from small scale startups to large scale corporates. As the clients look for evident results, it follows certain innovative methodologies along with research to furnish the best to them. While serving the clients' requirements, the team also takes responsibility to assist the clients with marketing techniques that suit their brand.

Big Bolt Creatives helps brands reach its full potential in engaging a broader spectrum of audience

Throwing light on the uniqueness of Big Bolt Creatives, Akshay mentions, "We recommend the best-suited services that would drive the client's business towards excellence. We also help them build a strong network with appropriate people who can assist them. Apart from this, we have a provision for consulting solutions too."

The Growth
The company has grown from serving 3 clients in the first year to around 16 clients in the second year of its operation. It has not only joined hands with brands in India but has also observed an International expansion in the course of the journey. The company is looking forward to setting up a subsidiary branch in Toronto city of Canada. "We are planning to cater to more corporate clients. We are confident enough to approach them and get bigger projects on board," he concludes.