Candor Logistics: Connecting the World with Efficient Logistics Services

 Subu TG,   CEOAs the global economy continues to thrive, the freight forwarding industry in India stands at the forefront, facilitating the seamless movement of goods across borders. As companies seek efficient supply chain solutions, they turn to reliable partners for their freight forwarding needs. Among these reputable players, Candor Logistics, founded in 2014 and based in Mumbai, emerges as a trusted and experienced entity, poised to revolutionize international logistics with its cutting-edge services and customer-centric approach focusing on personalization of services. Established by seasoned professionals, the firm is committed to become the most trusted freight forwarder nationally and internationally.

The company was founded by four partners, two of whom are NRIs based in Dubai and Muscat. Initially, the team faced challenges due to the company's small size, but the collective determination, expertise, and experience, with one partner having over 33-34 years and others with 25-30 years in the field, helped forge valuable overseas connections and join international networks. Active participation in global conferences facilitated networking and company growth which resulted in more opportunities to showcase the effectiveness of the firms service.

The company offers specialized services in project cargo, ISO tanks, and third country shipments, with collaborations to expand its business. Leveraging international
connections, the team also conducts cross-country operations for clients in India and provides comprehensive cargo solutions. The company also prioritizes cargo security with insurance coverage and contracts with reputable transport companies. Warehousing facilities cater to customer needs, ensuring secure and efficient services.

"Candor’s success is fueled by its staff, all of whom bring extensive experience in their respective fields.For example, our custom clearance team members also bring over 25 years of collective experience. In addition to excellent teams, our in house monitoring systems also help us achieve our goals of providing top-notch customized services via a personal touch, by taking customer feedback actively and recruiting multiple customer services teams across departments”, shares Subu TG, CEO.

Taking the Unique Approach
Across the various service offerings provided by Candor Logistics including air freight, sea freight, sea air logistics, sourcing and procurement, warehousing and distribution, project cargo shipments, and cross-country shipments, the common approach of emphasizing customer satisfaction by providing a personal touch is a constant. As such, Candor Logistics houses individual customer services teams for every service vertical to promote gathering active customer feedback via telephonic calls as well as personal visits to cater as per client’s requirements. Taking feedback into account, the firm implements any changes required within its system or modus operandi to enhance future interactions and improve performance.

Though individual department autonomy is set in place, the firm also focuses on developing a harmonious balance between teams by holding quarterly team meetings, where in common agendas, and business plans, are discussed, with the aim of reviewing performance, addressing gaps, and finding newer ways to enhance customer experience.

“Our personalized client services are available 24*7 where in our representatives not only address customer complaints, but also actively monitor the movements of cargo and update clients about the same. This approach has allowed us to grow effectively over the years, and as a developing company, we are striving to keep our path on the upside, continually growing by consciously offering the best quality of services in the industry”, further shares Subu TG, CEO.

Having established offices in Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, Surat, and Muscat, the firm is planning to expand even further, establishing more offices as well as some satellite offices and greater number of representatives in order to penetrate more markets. With a proven track record of excellence and dedicated services, the company is on the fast-track to become the industry leader in a short few years.