Chromachemie: 25 Years Legacy of Supplying Impeccable Reference Standards

 Ajey S. Rao,  Managing Director

Ajey S. Rao

Managing Director

In the drug development process, reference standards play an extremely vital role. They are fundamental for evaluating both process and product performance and act as a benchmark for drug safety. The highly characterised physical specimens are used to ascertain the identity, quality, purity, and strength of medicines, dietary supplements, and food ingredients.

Uniquely positioned in this space is Chromachemie, an initiative that began in 1997 in conjunction with German company Promochen, where they introduced the concept of standardised quality through international reference standards and raised the level of quality for Indian pharmaceutical manufacturers. Currently, Chromachemie is a wholly owned Indian company that supplies reference standards to 90 percent of the pharma industry in India and other sectors, including agriculture, metallurgy and for various applications such as clinical research, diagnostics, labs, research institutes, government labs, forensics, and F& B. They are trusted and backed by international pharmacopeias and global regulators such as USFDA and the European Directorate for Quality of Medicine.

Over the span of many years, Chromachemie has earned repute and has had the privilege of being the preferred partner by government bodies and scientific associations along with customs and import/export authorities, due to their expertise in handling regulated sensitive and licensed materials, including narcotics and restricted international standards.
According to Ajey S. Rao, Managing Director, "We are considered reliable partners to the pharmaceutical industry as we possess deep regulatory expertise and scientific rigor that helps partners prioritise patient health and expand their business. Our team consists of highly experienced scientists, coupled with decades of industry insight and manufacturing excellence, that make us the end-to-end provider for all quality aspects, whether its regulatory reference standards or to address analytical or synthesis needs. Our offerings include well respected pharmacopeia and non-pharmacopoeia reference standards, impurity standards, and consumable products such as vials and columns”.

Chromachemie is powered by a well-equipped, state-of-the-art synthesis laboratory and an analytical laboratory specialising in the synthesis and characterisation of reference standards and impurity standards

Chromachemie is powered by a well-equipped, state-of-the-art synthesis laboratory and an analytical laboratory specialising in the synthesis and characterisation of reference standards and impurity standards. Having been in this industry for 25 years, they have access to the highest quality global suppliers to procure hard to source materials from the United States, Europe, Canada, China, Japan, and others. They also have a vast network of field representatives all over India who are on hand to advise and troubleshoot early and effectively. They have an extensive catalog of materials that includes reference standards like USP, EP, BP, IP, and others, along with ATCC and CIL products, biological solvents, and consumables. The expertise, official permissions, and authorisation to handle regulated and sensitive materials like narcotics, and dangerous and controlled substances, are what sets them apart.

Headquartered in Bangalore, with over 50 highly specialised chemists led by 15 Ph.D. holders and a team of over 60 knowledgeable marketing executives, Chromachemie is a powerhouse of expertise. With their exceptional prowess in synthetic chemistry and deep knowledge of pharmaceuticals, Chromachemie is well placed to drive the future of affordable and effective medicine. Their investments in computational chemistry and the biopharmaceutical sector will be critical as new therapies show incredible promise in the future. Leveraging their already extensive expertise in discovery chemistry, they foresee an exciting decade to come that will allow them to serve their existing customers better while simultaneously inspiring them for further innovation.