Cognitute Consulting: Transforming Businesses with all Encompassing Flexi Consulting Services

 Ashok Deepan,   COOThe global consulting market has become a multi billion dollar industry and has grown in stature, size, and international reach. Even in India, there has been substantial growth thus boosting the growing demand for consulting services. The country is home to over 6000 consultants who have demonstrated a high level of competence and leveraged their business insight to turn around economic woes. An example of one company spearheading growth in this space is Cognitute Consulting, a global management consulting firm that partners with disruptive leaders across seed-stage startups to corporates to tackle their most daunting challenges. “Our community of diverse global teams builds sustainable businesses and digital ventures by embracing a transformational approach directed at benefiting all stakeholders and driving tangible societal impact”, says Ashok Deepan, COO, Cognitute Consulting.

Cognitute was established in 2021 by a group of consultants with 20+ years of experience. Before starting operations as a consultancy firm, the team had collaborated earlier on various projects as independent consultants. However seeing the increasing demand for boutique consultancy firms with a niche, the team decided to establish Cognitute. “Cognitute management consulting frameworks are designed not just to disrupt alongside entrepreneurs and startups, but to
commercialize breakthrough ideas and simply to think ‘Bigger’, shaping a regenerative future both for the business and the society”, adds Ashok. The company’s studios are where aspiration meets innovation and passion fuels collaboration to capture the greatest values of an organization.

Outcome Driven Consulting
Cognitute’s Consulting 4.0 framework helps organizations mobilize for change through unrivalled strategic initiatives while mitigating risks–both strategic and operational. The company follows a BOT (Build, Operate, and Transfer) model of operation to ensure the growth and transformation of its client's businesses. “We build everything from scratch and become an internal department within our client’s organization, own the KPI, and transfer the entire knowledge base,” SharesBhargavi Agrawal, CEO, Cognitute. The company holistically approaches the overall digital environment, prioritizes the right growth platforms through data-centered excellence centres, and sets a stellar financial strategy to transform its client’s vision into long-term sustainable value yielding higher TSR percentage points. The company’s flagship offerings on the consulting front include helping clients develop corporate and business strategies, growth and innovation strategy, change management strategies, and customer experience strategy. Cognitute leverages metric-driven partnership, mitigates change and adoption pitfalls, and focuses on value-based monetization. Besides, the company also takes on pro bono cases to support businesses run by Women and Trans Communities.

Ahead of the Curve
Even during the Covid-19 Pandemic, Cognitute helped a leading edtech online course provider define its multi-year corporate strategy, exploring new areas to enter and optimizing current portfolios through the analytics driven market and customer insights. Cognitute also overhauled the strategic planning process to impart the organization’s current aspiration of being true executioners of innovation and transparency in productive interactions between stakeholders and business units.

Since its foundation, the company has organically backed 18+ clients from across different industries and has increased its revenue 5x over the last two quarters. Despite being at a nascent stage, the company has successfully forged an alliance with 3 other consulting firms and service providers. Its portfolio of clients is from across the globe and includes industry giants such as Global School Foundation, NSE Talent sprint, and Tesco based out of the UK. In the future, Cognitute hopes to strengthen its footprints in the APAC region and expand throughout the EU region, building sustainable businesses and digital ventures by embracing a transformational approach.