Contisoft Technologies - Digitally Transforming Procurement and Contract Management via Innovative Sourcing Solutions

Suvarna Srivastava,Co-FounderThe financial services industry is one of the most profitable industries in the world, but it is also one of the most cutthroats. Organizations are driven to maximize profits and reduce costs yet rising competition and the changing regulatory environment are preventing them from achieving this. The role of procurement within financial services is set to be more important than ever as organizations look to increase value through the management of suppliers, compliance, and risk.

Indeed, since the financial crash, the industry has undergone tremendous change, with a series of reforms rolled out to make sure the crisis will never be repeated. This upheaval has reshaped the global financial industry and changed how financial institutions and the suppliers they work with. In today's ever-changing and complex business environment, sourcing and procurement play an increasingly critical role in enabling operations, supporting growth, managing risk, and reducing costs.

Contisoft Technologies was established in 2018 by Suvarna Avinash Srivastava with the vision to create innovative products which can cater to the requirements of all SME and MSME sectors that cannot afford the BIG ERPs. Contisoft excels at helping organizations to streamline procurement and
purchase processes by improving their spending practices through solutions in procurement & contracting areas. Since inception, the company has saved thousands of dollars and countless hours for the clients. Contisoft technologies is transforming procurement and contract management digitally and reducing the financial risk by providing complete sourcing solutions. The platform provides the complete solution on supplier onboarding, contract management, RFQ, and purchase requisition. The company provides a solution that is widely accepted by leading industrial and financial services.

Contisoft has a proficient team, passionate about doing innovation with close collaboration. The team is dedicated to building and improving outstanding products and offers world-class customer support along the way. The team is always motivated and provided with coaching class, wherein they get into deep dive of learning with new technologies and skills to make sure each team members understand things clearly and always on the same page. The company believes in open culture, freedom, commitment, and strives to encourage the team to learn new skills and innovations. Since pandemic has impacted many people's wellness and mind while designing work policies it makes sure employees are considered and the policies do not block their freedom or become the challenge for their growth. "As we always keep our employees in mind, even during the pandemic we always make sure to stay in touch with our team and provide every possible support they need," Suvarna Avinash Srivastava, Co-Founder, Contisoft Technologies.

The company stipulates the employees with mandatory leaves, multiple days away give employees the chance to recharge their mental and physical resources. Whether the person goes on vacation or spends time with their family, forcing them out of the office, allows them to put work stress aside and focus on their life outside the office. Time away from the business can help employees gain perspective and come back refreshed and ready to tackle their responsibilities again. Further, in Contisoft, it is made sure that the entire team members learn a new skill and add value to the organization including their own. All in all, every team member in Contisoft has grown in their personal development and career, which has made a huge difference in their performance and personal life as well.

Currently, the company is at its growing phase and is keenly looking forward to hiring at least 100+ resources in the next 3 years in different verticals within the company. Further, many new changes will be adapted to ensure that the team has happy and healthy opportunities to learn and grow in the near future.