Curiotory: Turning Language Curiosities into Life Changing Opportunities

Ram, Co-Founder & Chief People Office,    Sheetal Ramkumar, Founder & CEO

Ram, Co-Founder & Chief People Office

Sheetal Ramkumar, Founder & CEO

It has been proven that learning new languages can help kids and young adults become more analytical, empathetic, and mindful. Simply put, this can not only empower them to be more cognitively aware of themselves but it also encourages them to be aware of others from different cultures. To add to it, people tend to feel more self-confident with this, especially at an early age, and they grow up to become adults with high IQ and EQ. Cashing on this opportunity, Sheetal Ramkumar, an expert with 20 years of experience in the online education space, came up with the idea of Curiotory. Established in 2020, Curiotory is an online language learning and skilling platform for kids and young adults, fast becoming a preferred learning partner for language enthusiasts.

“Curiotory started on two simple premises first that all change starts with curiosity, second being success has gone global. Which is why we started a digital learning platform for kids and young adults to learn new languages that will help them in turning curiosities into career defining and life changing journeys. Hence, the first step which we took was to understand individual learning needs, On board expert native & Indian teachers & curate the curriculum in line with various certification requirements. We also customize the courses because there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all learning journey. Every individual has their

own ambitions, goals, and interests so, why should the course be any different”, briefs Sheetal Ramkumar, CEO & Founder, Curiotory.

At present, Curiotory offers Asian(Korean, Japanese, Mandarin, Hindi, Sanskrit, and Arabic), European (German, French, Dutch, and Spanish), and Indian sign language courses. The offered courses are specially curated to help kids and young adults speak, read, write, and listen to international languages. They also increase pragmatic awareness by teaching the meaning behind spoken passages.

“Through our courses, we strive to integrate cultural inclusivity and cognitive awareness. We believe, it is not possible to be fluent in a foreign language without understanding the cultural context behind a foreign language. With over 5K language experts, we offer live, interactive lectures to geographically distributed learners. Our course materials are also device friendly making it a breeze for Gen Z to dynamically access and learn. Our experienced native and Indian private tutors offer personalized courses to nurture proficiency in multiple Asian, European, and Indian Sign languages starting at the beginner’s level. This helps them excel academically, ace early job hunts, and increase cognitive abilities”, shares Ram, Co-Founder & Chief People Officer, Curiotory.

Sheetal Ramkumar, CEO & Founder
Recording a positive growth, onboarding hundreds of students between the age group of 6 to 21 years, Curiotory’s customer demographic spans more than 15 countries across three continents. Currently offering a range of language courses to choose from, Curiotory would also be incorporating valuable skilling courses over the next few months from creative writing and programming to Classical music and podcasting. “We are also creating specialized courses for defence forces communities, corporate staff, entrepreneurs, and students in unteachable locations. Over the next few years, we aim to reach every small village in India & upskill the students with various Life changing skill & help them become independent. Curiotory plans to onboard over 1 lakh students across different courses onto our platform in the next few years ”, concludes Sheetal.