Dailydumbbell: Smart Gym Application for New Age Fitness Enthusiasts

Kapil Patle,   Co-Founder & COO

Kapil Patle

Co-Founder & COO

Introducing DAILYDUMBBELL, the innovative fitness application revolutionizing the way you access gyms. With DAILYDUMBBELL, users can easily register and subscribe to gyms on a daily fare basis, offering unparalleled flexibility without the commitment of long term subscriptions. But it doesn't stop there, DAILYDUMBBELL believes in the power of empathy and hospitality, which is why DAILYDUMBBELL goes beyond just gym access and offers a solution that perfectly aligns with the modern and ever-changing lifestyle.

So how do they do it? DAILYDUMBBELL understands that consistency is key to achieving fitness goals, and it is committed to providing a worry-free fitness experience. User’s daily progress is tracked in an attractive visual calendar, helping them stay accountable and providing clear insights into their achievements. They celebrate milestones, and reward the users on reaching significant goals to motivate, encourage, and push users to strive for the next level.

DAILYDUMBBELL holds client support to their heart and take it a step further by offering users a specific number of grace days to accommodate for those inevitable moments when life gets in the way. Whether it's a busy work schedule, unexpected events, or personal commitments, DAILYDUMBBELL ensures that users have the flexibility to adjust their workout routine without any added pressure.

Growth Story
The company's idealization took shape when
Shahbaz noticed that most people face the challenge of maintaining consistency in gyms. He shared the idea with his friends Kapil Patle and Jyotirmoy Barman, who immediately loved it. Over the next 10 months, these fitness enthusiasts, along with a closely knit team of professionals, collaborated on a shared vision and developed a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that eventually evolved into DAILYDUMBBELL.

Adopting a B2B2C approach, the platform quickly partnered with 16 local gyms, receiving positive feedback for its concept. "Retention in gyms is a two-way initiative," explains Shahbaz. "DAILYDUMBBELL aims to foster client consistency while empowering individuals to track their fitness progress and bring more positivity into their lives. Our cost-effective yet advanced CRM solution enables gyms to efficiently manage operations without any financial burden on users", he further adds.

Through DAILYDUMBBELL, the team strives to create a win win scenario for gyms and users, promoting long term engagement and a healthier lifestyle.

Shahbaz Khan, Co-Founder & CEO

At DAILYDUMBBELL, technology takes center stage as it act as a smart gym for users. Gyms integrated with the platform can leverage various features such as daily attendance tracking, leader boards, and more. Jyotirmoy Barman, Co-founder & CTO, explains, "Our technology focuses empathy towards users, motivating them to maintain regular gym attendance and strive for a spot on their gym's leader board. This creates a healthy sense of competition among gym-goers."

The Road Ahead
DAILYDUMBBELL has quickly gained recognition and client approval, fueling their ambition to propel the business forward in the next six months. With a vision to streamline operations and enhance client motivation, DAILYDUMBBELL offers a comprehensive approach to fitness. Their goal is to establish a nationwide presence, catering to the diverse fitness needs across India. Kapil Patle, Co-founder & COO, sums it up, "In an industry marked by fragmentation, our aim is to provide a 360-degree fitness experience that inspires and empowers clients. We are committed to delivering excellence as we embark on this journey".