Eat Easy Foods: Healthy, Nutritious, Inexpensive & Easy to Cook Travel Food

Pranav Nandu and Hardik Shah,Co- Founders
Pranav Nandu and Hardik Shah
Co- Founders

Once Pranav Nandu and Hardik Shah – engineers by profession visited Mulshi dam in Pune for a family picnic. The two food lovers ordered pav bhajis only to find out that it was tasteless and inedible. While this seemed to be a trivial episode, eventually it turned out to be an idea that led to the inception of Eat Easy Foods. “We wondered as to what technology could probably be thought of to deliver quality food without compromising on taste or health. We saw the lack of good Indian food in India and abroad and decided to change this forever,” speaks Pranav. After several brainstorming sessions, market research and sheer hard work, the duo narrowed down to a technology that helped them develop a ready to cook dehydrated Indian vegetarian product that transforms into a tasty meal in just five minutes. “It took us a year to understand the nitty-gritty of manufacturing with technology, procurement, management,processing and dispatch. Today after two years,
we have a strong hold on technology, products and other aspects,” mention Pranav.

"Eat Easy Foods ensures that all the nutrient content of the food remains intact so that one gets the maximal nourishment out of the products"

Packaged food is one of the fastest growing markets. With rapid urbanization and changing consumer behavior, people are opting for more food options which are convenient and healthy. The Retail market of India is also in a transition phase where consumers are becoming more aware of quality of packaged food. Following the trend, Eat Easy Foods provide a wide range of ready to cook dehydrated products that include snacks like poha, upma; gravies like pavbhaji, paneer butter masala, veg kadhai and rice items like dal khichdi and biryani. All of the products are convenient and preservative, chemical and pesticide free and are processed in the food safety compliant facility. This is followed by Food Safety Management Systems as per the FSSAI norms and to the highest standards of quality and hygiene, along with imparting continuous training programs to the staff. “We have never compromised on quality, so if you have eat easy, you can be assured of every ingredient used being of really good quality. Located in Sangli, one of the agricultural and food processing hubs, gives us a massive
advantage when it comes sourcing the top quality of raw material and having a direct connect with all markets,” asserts Hardik.

Good Food. Good Life.
What makes Eat Easy Foods stand out in the crowd is its unique proprietary technology – Dehydration (small and convenient). The food offered is free of preservatives, extra salt, artificial additives, MSG. The company primarily caters to people travelling abroad to provide them with nutrition enriched, tasty and convenient food options. “It is a real benefit for Indian travellers since they get to eat tasty and hygienic Indian food which is ready in a few minutes with just hot water,” Hardik says.

The Road to Success
Eat Easy Foods started off with 9 products and today has 23 products with Jain variants for each. The company wants to cater not only to the whole of India but also to other countries and is looking to get a hold in the export market as well. “We are present in A grade general trade stores in Mumbai with a pan India free delivery from our e-commerce website,” adds Pranav. The company is currently looking to expand its customer reach to all major cities across India and also look to come up in exports. “We are planning to come up with new product variants and international cuisines,” he concludes.