Entrepreneurship Drive: Bringing Entrepreneurial Ideas to Real Businesses

Aditi Jaiswal,  FounderDeveloping a business concept is typically the first obstacle every entrepreneur faces when starting a company from scratch. However, finding the relevant business opportunity or developing an idea creatively is not a simple task. Entrepreneurship Drive specializes in enterprise business blueprint with combined components of the exponential growth model of startups with the cash flows of established businesses. The firm works across two verticals, the first focusing on the founder's journey from selecting and validating an idea through product-market fit, minimum viable product approach, pricing, and release, building customer lifetime value, customer experience, capital raise, scaling. Second vertical focusses on pivoting or turning around businesses at crossroads to generate revenue.

Entrepreneurship Drive is located in Mumbai, India. The consultancy helps steer people toward entrepreneurship through the entrepreneurial matrix and building blocks. "Globally, I have been involved with investments and entrepreneurship for approximately 26 years working with companies in the SMEs, MSMEs, or start-up stages that are pre-estimating at $2.0 billion. Their problems cannot be solved by fundraising but by building the business fundamentals. The entrepreneur is the one who considers cash flows first, while the startup founder focuses on disruption and valuation. "To create an embedded ecosystem in founder's businesses and to
prevent them from making expensive mistakes, Entrepreneurship Drive is established", says Aditi Jaiswal, Entrepreneurial Specialist, Founder, Entrepreneurship Drive.

Dynamic Approach to Business Development
Entrepreneurship Drive helps new or existing entrepreneurs build businesses in their chosen industries by supporting clients at every stage of the business lifecycle, from evaluation to execution and integration. The industries majorly entertained by the firm are fintech services, agritech services, private equity, retail, alternative energy, technology,travel tech. The range of services offered by Entrepreneurship Drive include growth, marketing & sales, implementation, private enterprises, business strategy, change management, operation business model, customer experience, and so on. Entrepreneurship Drive's specialized team makes client businesses result driven with their expertise and experience and improves business performance by analyzing growth-effective policies and executing them in their businesses. ED's business showers act as a platform for growth, acceleration, capital raise, innovation.

Entrepreneurship Drive facilitates the transformation of various levels of business through an understanding of the business's requirements and the creation of a road map that includes channels and segmentation

Entrepreneurship Drive facilitates the transformation of various levels of business through an understanding of the business's requirements and the creation of a road map that includes channels and segmentation. As the consultation continues, the firm provides innovative solutions to client business problems, and a MOAT is developed after the resources have been established. ED is a deal advisory firm and an integrated management consultancy. It provides business solutions in the different phases of business.

The future road map of Entrepreneurship Drive is to diversify into different sections for different mentors and consultants. The subsidiaries will be handed over to industry-specific personnel, who will look at the work geographically fluent with the regulations, the taxes and local geographic understanding. "For instance, in Northern Europe, especially in the Scandinavian countries including Estonia, Entrepreneurship Drive would represent Northern Europe in terms of entrepreneurship, and specialized personnel would take care of that market. "Business, irrespective of stage and geography, goes through the same kind of symptoms and problems", Aditi concludes. ED is bullish on Indian growth and is poised on its global presence.