Entrigna: Unearthing the Real Value of Big Data in Real-Time

Murali Kashaboina, Founder & CEO

Murali Kashaboina

Founder & CEO

When Entrigna scrutinized the Big Data’s territory in the quest of deeper challenges, it was exposed to a harsh reality. Its extensive research concluded that although more than 80 percent of organizations have realized that the real value of big data is to extract information to augment business applications, above 90 percent of organizations wished for real-time methods of consuming business critical information from the data as it happens. But why? In the rapidly evolving Big Data market, are companies failing to extract the significant real value out of the revolutionary technologies? If yes, what can mold companies to win this tough phase?

While several big-wigs were beating their brains out to answer the aforementioned criticalities, the three-year old Entrigna was already in the phase of architecting a permanent elixir. “To unlock untapped values in ‘Real-Time’, feature-rich and seamless real time decision capabilities become mandatory. Understanding the same, we developed a robust platform named Real Time Expert System (RTES),” proclaims Murali Kashaboina, Founder & CEO, Entrigna. As the name suggests,
RTES offers full range of real-time decision frameworks in ONE technology, unlike offering ONLY a specialized single decision framework.

RTES – A Doorway to Real-Time Business Advancements

Backed by mathematical algorithmic models, RTES has been instrumental in breaking the Gordian knots of machine learning, predictive analytics, business rules, complex event processing, optimization and artificial intelligence. Nourished under the efficient hands of statistical and data science experts highly experienced in simplifying complex IT projects, the proprietary cost-effective platform lives by three core values – Velocity, Veracity and Value – and endeavors not only to mine intelligence and insights from volatile & varying data, but also to construct transitory business signals to provide real-time predictive insights. The proficiency to proffer seamless orchestration of higher-level decision services has propelled the highly scalable and fault-tolerant product to help the clients steer business performance.

Stepping Stones to Success

Born from an unsuccessful initiative the founders led at a major airline, RTES also owns the story where it hustled through the less-explored journey, combating tough feats like insufficient monetary hurdles, strong workforce driven by competitive compensations and foraying into the market, which was already replete with giants. Nevertheless, the four founders – Murali, Geeth Narayanan, Venu Middela and Prasad Nagu – boot strapped Entrigna, successfully built
a most-viable product with minimal features for clients’ perusal and reaped-in clients through network, which in turn resulted in further augmentation of RTES.

Breathing Excellence

Housing the talent pool of 17 professionals, the company has embedded a transparent work culture where collaboration and communication annex the limelight. The inverted-pyramid organizational structure has in fact fueled employees to incorporate 3Cs – Courteous, Caring and Compassionate – that have indeed added more charm to the Entrigna Family. “Make it happen, but make it happen with tons of fun, work-life balance, with pride and a sense of accomplishment. We endeavor to implant a same milieu that provides employees to cherish flexible work hours, telecommuting and 3R policies (Respect, Recognize & Reward),” adds Murali.

Recognized to be a company which is ‘poised for explosive growth’ amongst the hottest Big Data 50 companies across U.S., Entrigna is currently aiming towards closing its 1st round of investments by end of 2015. With an objective to evolve the product by continuously adapting it to emerging trends in the industry, the company also envisions securing more customers, establishing business partnerships and expanding its wings across the globe through its distributed centers of excellence. Thus, forging ahead with such other futuristic plans in its pipeline, Entrigna is rearing up to fill flesh to its name (Entrigna - Three cornered) that reflects its endeavors of delivering three-dimensional solutions.