Esperer Nutrition: Global Pioneers in Onco Nutrition

There is a rise in some chronic diseases like Cancer and NCDs (Non-communicable Diseases) due to the modern lifestyle. And this modern lifestyle has caused a lack of nutrition in individuals ranging from kids to old age people. The correct approach towards the right nutritional intake of food in day-to-day life is the key to keep oneself energetic and healthy. Mumbai-based Esperer Nutrition is filling this gap by providing broad-based nutritional support in chronic dis-ease management and NCDs. Esperer is a research-based Global Clinical Nutrition Organization that addresses preventive and chronic disease management nutritional interventions.

The company also offers the world's first research-based condition and cancer-specific nutrition supplements for hypermetabolic conditions. It also prioritizes drug-nutrient interactions and toxicity level of the drug as an important factor in chronic disease management. Esperer's DINI AXIS hypothesis highlights the interplay of diet, nutrition, and immunity, and targets at lowering the risk of NCDs. Esperer is holding 7 international patents in the space of clinical nutrition product formulation and allied researches.

Esperer's Cancer Disease Management and Supportive Nutrition
Esperer's research-based, condition, and site-specific nutrition portfolio address cancer condition specific nutritional intervention cancer disease management as complementary nutrition therapy. As Oncology deals with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer, Esperer Onco Nutrition (EON) Therapy aids in nourishment, protection, and recovery to restore malnutrition during the prognosis. EON therapy mainly speaks on the nutritional interventions by offering nutritional preconditioning during chemo and post-chemo recovery stage-specific formulas as the world's first condition-specific cancer nutrition therapy.

Esperer'sproprietary research DINI AXIS (Diet-infection-nutrition-immunity) Axis addresses the sub-optimally treated infections via triggering various immunomodulatory path-ways and is set out to bring investigational validation of the phenomenon across various diseases. Esperer's integrated therapeutic
nutritional intervention will affect genetic mutation and expression boosting up immunity to com-bat the chronic inflammatory state caused by the pathogenic risk factors for patients having NCDs, thus improving their quality of life. EON foresees the launching of a range of products based on its DINI Axis in near future.

Raktim Chattopadhyay,Founder & CEO

Esperer's academic platform E2RN (Esperer's Evidence-based Responsible Nutrition) concentrates on nutrition as a multidisciplinary and complementary therapy approach in case of both preventive and disease management areas. E2RN also takes the initiative of aggregating a commonly accepted definition for nutrition-specific interventions and nutrition-sensitive development.

Esperer's dedicated team of researchers, oncologists, nutritionists, scientists, and doctors address nutrition-al needs during the different stages of cancer treatment with a special focus on the recovery stage. Esperer Nutrition's motto is to give equitable access to optimal healthcare and support to all cancer patients despite their demographics. The company's initiative is to serve the neediest and vulnerable patient groups across pan-India by protecting them against a potential loss of life due to nutritional deficiencies in preventive and supportive nutrition.

Esperer Nutrition offers World's first research-based condition and stage-specific nutritional supplements for hypermetabolic conditions, exclusively for cancer patients

Esperer's products are innovation-driven and clinically evaluated for cancer disease management and NCDs. The company offers a clinically validated global standard nutraceutical range of formulations with 44 robust port-folio products spread over cancer nutrition, respiratory health, gut health, metabolic syndromes, hormonal health, etc. and more than four dozens of clinical nutrition products are in pipeline with EUGMPapproval. With a global marketing and distribution network, Esperer offers its high-quality products from USFDA and WHO GMP affirmed plants.