FarmERP : Fostering a way ahead to lead Digital Green Revolution

Sanjay Borkar & Santosh Shinde ,Co-FoundersSantosh and Sanjay hailed from an agriculture family. In 1996, they both graduated from University of Pune and attained a degree in Computer Engineering. Amidst the computer boom during their times, Information Technology (IT) was still in its infancy stages and with time it was drastically adapting to every possible stream. During this picky phase, the duo also was attracted to IT and more than anything, they had the urge to start their own business.

This made them widen their options. Since both came from agriculture family background they noticed that farmers were the most crucial stakeholder in the farming business and were incognizant about how much profit they make. Also, traditional farmers had no proper way of keeping records of their cultivation and track them for increasing the productivity.

Identifying immense opportunity in the space they went ahead with the vision to ‘Transform agriculture with their innovative IT solutions. Thus began the journey of Shivrai Technologies, a software and mobile application development company specialized in agriculture and agribusiness. Implementing an idea that penetrates the traditional farming concept was still challenging for them. Added to this
in 2001, with the internet slowly picking up the pace and software not being the coolest among the commoners, helped them take the competition more seriously.

FarmERP has helped many leading companies in achieving objectives of higher profits and sustainable agribusiness

“Well taking risks and gaining experience through this path was a good start for us. We grew as entrepreneurs and within few years, we came into the picture of launching our flagship product ‘FarmERP’, our bling of a Project,” asserts Sanjay.

FarmERP –Smart Agriculture ERP Platform

Touted as the most advanced software platform, FarmERP is known to be a comprehensive and successful flagship software platform being used globally for the farm, farmer, procurement, processing, supply chain and financial data management and analysis. This has helped many leading companies in achieving objectives of profit and sustainable farming and agri business. Needless to say, they serve almost all subsectors in Agriculture, Agribusiness, and Biotechnology. Through FarmERP they assist corporate and individual farm operators, agribusiness and contract farming companies, exporters, R&D, institutions, and Govt. agencies, higher efficiency, higher yields, higher profitability and complete traceability.

Enthusiastically Santosh speaks, “Our platform is the most advanced and end-to-end smart
ERP platform, which is widely being used globally by leading farms and agribusinesses. Our innovative software offering streamlines the efforts in farm management of agriculture operations, harvests, procurement, pack house operations and exports which in turn helps in matching market demand and supply with the best quality produce.”

Total Solution Provider- Mushrooming Growth

FarmERP is a multi-user, multi-crop, multi-location software platform, which keeps track of farm and farm resources info for entire crop cycle, giving users real-time data insights. FarmERP can be customized as per requirement and has features like GAP, yield estimation, smart crop advisory, Geo-mapping, crop scouting solutions, Farm analytics for data-driven decisions, finance module and crop wise financial reports. FarmERP is most preferred agribusiness ERP globally. Also, their FarmGYAN intends to provide science-based intelligent advisory services to farm operators. These services are based on Smart Agriculture framework. Smart agriculture framework is a combination of advanced technologies like Internet of Agriculture Things (IOAT), BigData, Business Intelligence, Mobility and GIS. Further talking about the roadmap, Sanjay says “We are committed to every agricultural stakeholder to provide tools, which will yield them more profits and will lead to sustainable and eco-friendly farming. In current times our focus lies on offering Total Integrated Solutions to our clients based on Smart Agriculture framework.”