Fespro Foods:Traditional Foods with a Twist

Pankaj Bairoliya,Director
Pankaj Bairoliya, Directors

The food start-up ecosystem is constantly evolving with each passing day and the opportunities are immense. However, in the recent times, the priority among the consumers is slowly shifting towards health, which is now the biggest trend globally and is gaining popularity in India as well. This is where Indore-based Fespro Foods comes into the picture. The specialty of Fespro is that it converts traditional ingredients into contemporary products to fit the need and the taste buds of the ‘evolved’ consumers.

More importantly, all of their new product development and innovation efforts are focused towards modernizing a traditional ingredient that keeps its essential values intact. The company boasts of a dedicated team of Food Technologists, who are working continuously on different options developed for targeted consumers.

Giving an overview of their impact in the industry, Pankaj Bairoliya, Co-Founder & Director, Fespro Foods, asserts,“The total food tech startup market in India is at US$ 78-80 Billion for the FY 17-18 of which our contribution has been that of US$1 million, and that’s a good number for us.”

The Genesis
The journey of Fespro Foods began on an interesting note. It was soon after a long conversation between two food enthusiasts, Mr
Naresh Maheshwari, Food Technologist, Founder & CEO of FTI Food Tech Pvt. Ltd. and Mr. Pankaj Bairoliya, Marketing Professional, Founder and CEO of Aryavrat Marketing Pvt. Ltd., that the idea sparked.

"In FY 17-18, Fespro Foods has achieved a turnover of INR 6 Cr and by the end of this year, FY 18-19, it expects to reach INR 10 Cr with a portfolio of 20+ products"

While they sat over to discuss, about health, food and taste, the question that struck them was,‘what if India starts offering food products that are healthy, tasty and affordable at the same time?’ That’s how the duo ended up starting their dream venture, Fespro Foods Pvt. Ltd., a company that aims to restore the richness of Indian food habits and brings in innovative and healthier version of foreign food products that the Indians love.

Today, the company provides a range of Breakfast Cereals which includes Cornflakes, Chocoflakes, Muesli and a unique range of Pasta products that has 20 percent Protein and all the goodness of superfoods. Renu Sanghvi, Chief Food Technologist, says “Since the company consists of a team of food technologists and microbiologists, it ensures all our products meet the set standards and is safe to the customers”. All and all, Fespro has in-house Food Innovations and Food Technology center where products from every batch are examined and analyzed against the set parameters for international quality and other attributes.

Innovations & Technology Centre to Develop New Products
Providing quality and affordable pricing, Sakshi Maheshwari, Brand
Manager, adds “We want our products to reach every household, breaking the barrier of money.” Currently, the company is continuously working towards bringing unique products through New Product Development work, which is carried out in their Innovations and Technology Centre. Excited Pankaj says “We are about to launch a range of instant products under the name – ‘FesproInsta.’ The initial offerings include Poha, Upma, and Oats but since we are innovation junkies, therefore these products will have our signature ‘twist.’”

Sakshi Maheshwari,Brand Manager

Growth Ahead of Fespro Foods
The growth map of the company has been astonishingly well. In FY 17-18, the company has achieved a turnover of INR 6 Cr, and by the end of this year, FY 18-19, it expects to reach INR 10 Cr with a portfolio of 20+ products. Currently, in an expansion phase, Pankaj adds “We do not have any investors on board yet, but we do have a few offers and are open to a good opportunity.”

Optimistic about the future,he further says,“As of now we have introduced food products under the nutrition category targeted to white collar consumers. In the coming days, we will be adding new category products,such as Nutrition bars and more, which are high in protein and fiber.”