Fit & Flex Granola: Ensuring A Well-Balanced Tripod of Health, Taste and Quality to Eat Right and Live Well

Pathik Patel,Designated Partner

Pathik Patel

Designated Partner

All though granola is still a relatively new product category for Indian breakfast tables; with people becoming more fitness-centric and health-conscious, the low-calorie snack food is gradually gaining its recognition across the urban and suburban households of India. Envisaging excellent growth opportunities in this segment, Fit & Flex Granola was established in 2019 driven by the inherent desire of Basil Group to help people make healthy lifestyle choices. Basil Group is a family-owned business with an established track record in the cotton and chemical industry, and they kept identifying opportunities for overall growth which brought them to explore the food industry.

Exploring many products and technologies with their technical advisor before finalizing the Granola Project, the basic considerations were a competitive advantage, availability of raw material, and market potential based on which they selected Granola as a product for the Indian market.

India's very own granola brand, Fit & Flex is a local brand for global markets and the only granola brand to have prebiotic fiber along with low sugar content which helps in keeping the guts healthy. "A crunchy, tasty, Evenly/wellbaked, and easy to chew, amazingly high on flavour and delightfully caramelized just right, Fit & Flex Granola packs quite a nutritious punch. We started out with 3 varieties ­ Mango Coconut, Happy Berries and Mixed Fruit.

We have recently added a Choco almond cookies variant in our range and now have a
range of 4 delicious flavours. We use real freeze-dried fruits in our products, as we do not compromise on taste and flavour. Apart from that, our patented baking technology ensures that our Granola retains its crunch and we have achieved this well-balanced tripod of health, taste and quality," says Pathik Patel, Designated Partner, Fit & Flex Granola.

Using Premium Technologies
Fit & Flex is ISO 22000 & BRC certified with stringent quality checks at multiple levels of production to ensure hygiene, taste and quality of the product. The manufacturing unit is located 55 km from Ahmedabad, equipped with state-of-the-art European technology having a manufacturing capacity of 375 MT per month. Adopting a unique technology for first-line baked granola in India, Fit & Flex granola uses an advanced baking concept that bakes the product to its lowest moisture content still maintaining the crispiness of the product.

Happening with convection and radiation mode in the oven which ensures the product is baked in a 360-degree way, the plant technology and capacity is built for producing a very versatile and variety of granola from the same line. "Fit & Flex is not strictly a D2C brand. We do have an extremely efficient and well spread-out network of wholesalers and retailers PAN India. We have multiple stores across the country for direct reach out to the consumers. Apart from that, we have tie-ups with well-known store chains. We also have an E-commerce website for direct purchase and all our products are available on Amazon and all SKUs," avers Pathik Patel.

We are the granola company of the future and eventually we want to be the leading player in the Granola market

The Granola Company of The Future
Voyaging a journey full of challenges and achievements, Fit & Flex Granola is growing within and outside India with a wide range of products available across all metro cities, on all major e-commerce platforms in India. Owing to its core leadership team consisting of 4 pillars who work relentlessly for the brand, the exposure of Fit & Flex's core team consisting of Pathik Patel, Ravi Patel, Dhairya Lakhani and Prashant Prajapati in different sectors creates the perfect balance of youthful energy and wisdom.

"Available in Dubai and the USA, we are in the process of growing our presence in these two markets. Very soon we would be adding few more countries to our global presence. We are here to stay and are committed to our vision of building a world-class Indian brand that caters to the best products with more options for our consumers. We are the granola company of the future and eventually, we want to be the leading player in the Granola market," concludes Pathik Patel.