Flax Healthy Living: Fuelling The Transition Towards Healthy & Clean Eating

Gurmeet Singh Arora,Founder & Director

Gurmeet Singh Arora

Founder & Director

A number of health and fitness fads keep sprouting every few years, attracting people to try them out in an effort to become healthy, or lose weight quickly. While some of these work, others do not. The last decade has seen an especially high number of health trends surfacing, and people across the globe have been more cautious than ever before. Since 2016, Flax, a Mumbai-based Healthy Living food brand has been contributing to this by enabling the choice to 'Eat Healthy Every Day’. With kitchens across India in key cities like Mumbai, Bangalore & Pune, Flax Healthy Living is fuelling the transition towards healthy & clean eating. “Flax Healthy Living is an expression of ‘healthy’ and ‘tasty’ food that believes in serving a rainbow with flavors on your plate, while discarding all the unnecessary. We are working towards a balance, to create an equilibrium for your cravings. Two words define our brand perfectly Future Ready”, shares Gurmeet Singh Arora, Founder & Director, Flax Healthy Living.

Flax was founded on a solid set of basic principles that put the needs of the customer first. These criteria include the creation of wholesome, plant based menu options, receiving high quality service from the personnel, and supporting regional farmers and the local economy. India's health is being improved by Flax, one meal at a time. Customers expect absolutely no cross
contamination from gluten free food producers. As a result, Flax has painstakingly created a glutenfree menu that not only assures total product purity but also promises a delicious and nourishing meal each and every time. The business makes a special effort to employ topnotch ingredients(inline with HACCP standards) that are perfectly cooked and delivered on schedule and in good condition. As a result of its wonderful work, Flax has also received the Times Food Delivery Icons Mumbai Iconic Healthy Cuisine July 2020 and 2022 award.

Flax has painstakingly created a gluten-free menu that not only assures total product purity but also promises a delicious & nourishing meal each & every time

Flax offers a wide range of glutenfree dishes on the menu like Cyprus Quinoa Bowl, Edamame & Quinoa Bowl, TexMex Avocado & Couscous Bowl, Japanese Tofu Bowl, and Mexican Bowl. This year the company will be launching some more additions in the hot food action and more glutenfree dishes in the menu. With innovation at the heart of every new product, Flax was the first brand to offer Super Bowls. Now, Flax offers a wide range of glutenfree categories in Super bowls, Signature Salads, Fitmeals, Sandwiches, Juices & Smoothies.

Journey & Future Roadmap
“Flax started as a reflection of my own lifestyle. It was a realization of being selfaware & mindful eating. The trials of making this at home and failing to maintain the right product and later finding out that the problem faced by me was a problem for many other people in India and that’s when Flax was born. I decided to make a change and redo the way we approach our food”, further adds Gurmeet.

Being one of the first brands to be onboarded by aggregators in the health food segment to growing month on month in revenue, and geography, Flax has come a long way, overcoming the lack of awareness around healthy eating and structuring a strong team. This year Flax is launching a new range of hot products like Healthy Stir Fry’s, Grills and much more in the Mediterranean diet style. Moreover, for its 2023 menu update, Flax is excited to introduce a wider variety of glutenfree options, including wraps made with beetroot tortilla, Glutenfree Super bowls with flavors from across the globe.The company aims at having a national presence in the next few years impacting as many lives positively as possible.