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  • 10 Best Gluten Free Food Startups - 2023

    Gluten Free Food: A Natural Treat for Health The Evolved Food Consuming Behavior: Today, with more and more people realizing the fact the ‘caring is better than curing’ the awareness for eating healthy is mounting like never before. However, eating healthy is not about going on a diet but all about starting intentional eating which is a wholesome investment that is worth for a long-term healthy life. The overall diets have been changed significantly with the constantly evolving food selections, availability and science, which further gives birth to many diet trends for the foods that we consume. These trends include flexitarian, organic, functional or value, plant-based (vegan food) and gluten-free diets, which are paramount in order to maintain the general and...

10 Best Gluten Free Food Startups - 2023


Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
SDG Food Company SDG Food Company Soham Ganji, Founder A pioneer provider of Vegan and Italian cuisine dishes operating under a cloud-kitchen model
Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Arogya Gluten Free Foods Arogya Gluten Free Foods Ar. Jessika Taneja, Head - Marketing & Creative Provides gluten-free flour fortified with vitamin B12 & folic acid that contains no chemical preservatives and are free from all natural allergens
Bazic Foods Studio Bazic Foods Studio Tanu Shree Singh, CEO A crop to cookie D2C food brand crafts incredibly delicious, clean, super nutritious cookies, and much more using millets by completely replacing maida, trans fats, and hidden sugars
Faymylk Faymylk Manan Bhatt, Founder & Managing Director The companies range of delicious and nutritious plant based mylks, caters to not just lactose intolerant or vegan population but also for those who aim to improve their health while supporting the environment and opposing animal cruelty
Flax Healthy Living Flax Healthy Living Gurmeet Singh Arora, Founder & Director A conscious and handpicked variety of locally sourced ingredients, caters to the ideal way of healthy living, offering wide range of gluten-free dishes on the menu like cyprus quinoa bowl, texmex avocado & couscous bowl and more
Gefion Food Gefion Food Nirali Doshi Tiwari, Head - Marketing An innovation driven company associated with manufacturing, marketing and private labeling of healthy gluten free, plant based & diabetic friendly products
Licksters Licksters Dhivya & Parimal Kalikar, Co-Founders An ice cream company offering an innovative assortment of premium popsicles and ice creams created with pure fruit and no artificial colors or flavors in order to considerably boost the nutritional content
Nutrihub TBI Nutrihub TBI Dr. B Dayakar Rao, CEO The company aims to help entrepreneurs to ideate, incubate and accelerate their innovative early stage startups into successful ventures
OGMO Foods OGMO Foods Sanjeeta KK, Founder The firm provides mixes that are cook-free convenience food that supports a healthy lifestyle, power packed with the goodness of wholegrain, super seeds, real fruit powders and Indian spices
Radix Nutritive Radix Nutritive Srinivas Jana, Founder The makers of gluten-free, vegan, specialty foods and millet products categories spanning from bakery, sweets, flours, rawas, blends and instant mixes using the forgotten grains millets