Garry N Sun Organics: Nurturing Ayurvedas Growth & Community Empowerment in India

  Kiran Grewal,    CEOThe AYUSH industry in India has witnessed significant growth over the years, fueled by a growing interest in traditional medicine and natural remedies. As more people embrace Ayurveda's holistic approach to health and wellness, the demand for Ayurvedic products has soared. However, this burgeoning market also brings forth challenges for clients seeking high-quality and authentic products. Amidst this landscape, Garry N Sun Organics emerges as a reliable player positioned to meet the expectations of discerning clients. Garry N Sun Organics stands as a sister company to the well established American brand, Garry N Sun US, operating out of Reno, Nevada, for over two decades. The company has been actively involved in trading and supplying Ayurvedic products to practitioners and consumers in the US market. With profound knowledge and experience garnered during these years, Garry N Sun Organics ventured into its own production line, setting up a base in India to contribute to the growth of the Ayurvedic industry.

At the core of Garry N Sun Organics lies a strong moralistic foundation, focused on benefiting the community in the long run. Located in Narangwal Khurd, a village with about 100 families, the company takes pride in actively giving back to the community. “Through initiatives like women empowerment, skill development, and community building, we actively support the needs of the village and its surroundings", says Kiran Grewal, CEO.

Diverse Range of Authentic Products for Holistic Wellness
Garry N Sun Organics take great pride in their
diverse range of product offerings, which have garnered immense popularity in the US market over the years. With the establishment of its production line in India, the company is now extending its product range to cater to the Indian market's growing demand for Ayurvedic products. In the initial phase of expansion, Garry N Sun Organics is introducing a selection of single herbs and capsules, carefully curated to meet the specific needs of consumers. These single herbs and capsules are sourced and processed with the utmost attention to quality and authenticity, ensuring that customers receive the full benefits of Ayurvedic ingredients.

Garry N Sun Organics' journey from the US to India reflects its commitment to nurturing the growth of the Ayurvedic industry while making a positive impact on the community

Recognizing the effectiveness of certain herbs in addressing common health concerns, Garry N Sun Organics has collaborated with experienced Ayurvedic doctors.Through this collaboration, the company has developed classical formulations tailored to aid in sleep management, weight loss, diabetes management, and acidity control.

Maintaining the highest standards of quality and effectiveness is of paramount importance to Garry N Sun Organics. To achieve this, the company implements stringent quality control measures throughout its entire production process. From the moment the herbs enter the factory, every step,including the cleaning and drying processes, is meticulously monitored. Each phase of production undergoes rigorous testing to ensure that the products' efficacy remains uncompromised and that the quality is upheld consistently. “Being NPOP and NOP certified company, we adhere to strict organic guidelines in our processes. Regular audits conducted by organic bodies and certification agencies further validate our adherence to these guidelines. This dedication to organic practices ensures that the products remain environmentally friendly and maintain their authenticity", adds Kiran Grewal.

Garry N Sun Organics’ vision and mission revolve around giving back to society while providing pure, superior quality products. Its journey from the US to India reflects its commitment to nurturing the Ayurvedic industry's growth while positively impacting the community. Looking ahead, Garry N Sun Organics plans to introduce an array of new organic products, including pure organic juices, honey, and ghee. In addition to product expansion, Garry N Sun Organics is taking up initiatives to support local farmers to grow clean, pure organic herbs with the best farming practices.