Haachiko Fitness: Empowering Clients With Expert Trainers For Optimal Fitness Results

Manish Parab & Adib Shaikh,     Co-FoundersIn recent years, the fitness industry in India has witnessed significant growth and transformation as people increasingly become conscious of the importance of leading a healthy and active lifestyle. However, amidst this fitness boom, a crucial aspect often overlooked is the lack of trained and knowledgeable fitness trainers. Many trainers lack the expertise to provide personalized fitness programs tailored to individual needs, leading to ineffective training and even injuries. Recognizing this gap in the market, Haachiko Fitness emerged as a game-changer in the industry to provide a unique fitness experience to its clients.

Established by Adib Shaikh and Manish Parab, Haachiko Fitness has been making waves in the industry for two and a half years. Shaikh, a seasoned fitness expert with over seven years of experience, has always been passionate about health and fitness. His dedication to transforming lives through fitness inspired Parab, a director in the television industry, to embark on his fitness journey. Under Shaikh’s guidance, Parab witnessed a remarkable transformation, losing 22 kilograms and gaining a rejuvenat ed sense of well being. This transformation sparked immense curiosity among their peers, leading to the inception of Haachiko Fitness. The name ‘Haachiko Fitness’ was chosen as a tribute to Parab's beloved dog, Hachiko, symbolizing the personalized and caring approach that the company embraces.
Haachiko Fitness places great emphasis on knowledge and expertise, and offers one-on-one training both online and offline. Unlike many trainers in the industry, Shaikh and his team have undergone extensive training and hold certifications from prestigious institutions such as the International Fitness and Sports Science Institute (IFSI). “Our trainers possess in-depth knowledge of human anatomy, exercise science, and nutrition, ensuring every client receives a customized fitness plan tailored to their unique needs and goals”, says Manish Parab, Co-Founder. The trainers invest considerable effort in understanding the client’s goals, lifestyle, and challenges. Unlike larger fitness chains focusing on mass training, Haachiko Fitness limits its group training sessions to four participants. This enables the trainers to provide individual attention, correct form, and technique and ensure the safety and effectiveness of each workout.

Furthermore, Haachiko Fitness takes pride in catering to special population clients and specializes in addressing specific conditions such as knee issues, spine problems, or heart conditions. With a team consisting of skilled and certified trainers, a physiotherapist, and a psychiatrist, the company focuses not only on physical fitness but also on mental health, recognizing the vital role it plays in overall well-being. This holistic approach allows Haachiko Fitness to transform bodies and educate clients about healthy living, enabling them to sustain their progress even beyond the training period.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Haachiko Fitness witnessed a surge in demand from individuals grappling with mental health issues and the physical consequences of prolonged inactivity. Many clients sought solace and guidance from the company as they dealt with depression, low self-confidence, and with challenging life situations such as divorce. With customized programs that suit individual fitness requirements, Haachiko Fitness helped clients achieve a healthy mind and body, and created a loyal client base that has been with them for 2-3 years.

They are currently training 70+ individuals with specific health concerns, catering to a diverse client base ranging from 13-year-old teenagers to active senior citizens aged 65+. With clients from India, the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, UAE, and Singapore, and having transformed more than 500 lives through their services, Shaikh’s and Parab’s unwavering commitment to delivering personalized, safe, and effective fitness training sets Haachiko Fitness apart as a beacon of excellence in the industry. With their combined expertise and passion, Shaikh and Parab are poised to redefine the fitness landscape in India, one client at a time.