Halucinate: Experience it to Believe it!

Rakesh Anjanappa,CEO & Co-Founder

Rakesh Anjanappa

CEO & Co-Founder

With the increasing access to affordable internet connectivity, power data and deeper smartphone penetration, the gaming industry in the country is seeing an upsurge and is leading to the emergence of new gaming avenues in the market. Moreover, the introduction of newer cutting edge technologies like AR/VR in the segment has led to the extension of the sector and is granting the users with a thrilling gaming experience. Capitalizing on the contingency, Rakesh Anjanappa, an IT engineer by profession and a technology geek by nature realised the scope of the field and decided to take a plunge in the entrepreneurial world with his augmented reality and virtual reality gaming entertainment venture Halucinate. "Being a bit of techie myself, I was always keen on trying out different technologies and building something different. In 2015, I started out with developing my own augmented reality education software and it made me identify the plethora of opportunities that were awaiting in this sector. The software then proved to be a success and it formed the basis of foundation of Halucinate," says Rakesh Anjanappa, Founder.

Functioning in an environment where technology is very limited and tends to burn a hole in our pocket, Halucinate’s kiosk based concept comes to rescue where in the company has setup its gaming kiosks in
various small spaces that lets you experience the best VR gaming experience. The company provides end to end services and builds the complete hardware and motion simulators of the products from the scratch in India itself and does not import anything from outside. Offering a theme park experience inside a mall Halucinate caters to the varied requirements of a client and also furnishes customised event for the customers as per their need. What makes Halucinate shine in the crowd is its custom game and custom software feature which is developed completely according to the need and requirement of a client and offers a personalized gaming experience to them. "We are focused on revolutionizing the gaming and movie experience through the world of AR/VR while integrating the use of latest technological advancements. For rendering the best experience to a customer, we continuously evaluate ourselves and study the current trends of the market and keep updating ourselves around the new technologies and products," he asserts.

Having one of the best rates of ROI within the gaming industry, Halucinate is redefining the future of gaming industry with its world class products and best VR gaming experience

The dawning of gaming industry has led to the creation of massive market opportunity but this opportune space is laid with a path of obstacles that Halucinate also had to face when it was first launched in the industry. From getting access to small spaces in malls to administrating a set of cost effective technical offerings in a setting where technology is restricted, the company had to battle through a number of challenges to stay ahead in the market. But the team's expertise and the availability of top notch services at an economical price pushed Halucinate to establish a niche of its own in the market. Currently, the enterprise is present in nine malls across Bangalore and will soon be exhibiting its products at major exhibitions. Halucinate also offers franchise opportunities as well that lets other businesses bring the cutting edge experience of gaming entertainment and VR simulation to their customers. Having one of the best rates of ROI within the gaming industry, the entertainment firm is redefining the future of gaming industry with its world class products and safety features. "At Halucinate, we are curating the future of VR gaming kiosk in India. We have managed to bring highend technologies that are available only in big cities like Shanghai and Hong Kong to the Indian market. We are also planning to come up with a full body motion tracking game development in the coming days," he concludes.