HomeInspeKtor: Internationally Qualified Home Inspectors for Smart Buyers

Sudhindra Naib, CEOFor most of us, buying a house is a once-in-a-lifetime decision. Whether you buy it as an investment or for moving into; buying a house is always an expensive affair. This is one of the major reasons why it is essential to ensure that your house is worth the investment done and the efforts put into the property should add to your overall assets. Bangalore based Phi Property Management Services plays a major role in carrying out elaborate house evaluations with its unique solution -‘HomeInspeKtor’, which analyzes the residential unit and lists out every possible problem area in the house before one moves in. Sharing the inception story of HomeInspeKtor, Sudhindra Naib says, “It all started when one night, I and my family woke up hearing a loud noise. The vitrified tiles of our living room floor were cracked. Later, we learnt that this was due to the poor quality tiles that were not laid properly and broke up due to the air gaps below the tiles. The damage it caused was plenty and the long clean-up ahead weighed upon us. This experience made us thinking - How sure are we about the quality of the house that we live in? It was during this time when we realized the need for home
inspection services, and this is what motivated us to develop–‘HomeInspeKtor’.”

The use of technology in real estate domain has been mostly restricted to property listing websites and this is where HomeInspeKtor is making a difference

Launched as a bootstrapped venture in 2016, today HomeInspeKtor has evolved as a recognized brand which provides end-to-end home inspection service combined with latest technologies to ascertain the health of any residential unit. The use of technology in real estate domain has been mostly restricted to property listing websites and this is where HomeInspeKtor is making a difference. Partnered with International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI) and founders of the India chapter, HomeInspeKtor leverages a built-from-scratch, cloud based, feature-rich marketplace with internationally qualified home inspectors and a thorough process to deliver comprehensive home quality inspection services that not just saves time and money but also avoids potential issues and inconveniences.

“The mission of HomeInspeKtor is to solve real world problems in the real estate domain using a combination of tools and technology, supported by robust processes and internationally qualified personnel. In
India, we operate as an end-to-end service provider, offering inspection services to primary, secondary as well as rental homes. Our free MyInspeKtor app allows the users to perform visual inspections of their homes, identifying issues with their home using the easy checklist embedded in the application. MyInspeKtor allows a comprehensive understanding of findings with annotated pictures and also they can store it as a PDF for sharing or for future reference. This app is made available on both iPhone and Android platforms,” says Sudhindra Naib, CEO, HomeInspeKtor. The company’s online platform gives options to order inspections, multiple payment options, access reports, review inspectors and also allows interaction between home buyers, home inspectors and other stakeholders at any time/any where.

Understanding the interminable scope of professional home inspection services in India, HomeInspeKtor is widening their presence with a collective B2C and B2B model of business by working closely with partners in the real estate ecosystem like PropSeva, NestAway, ZippServ. “There are miles to go before we sleep and we are extremely excited for future. Our grand vision is to contribute in making a society full of safe and high quality homes. We look at inspection as a ‘health monitoring system’ for the properties and our entire system is built and run with this purpose in mind. Keeping the expansion of our current B2B model in mind, we are also in discussions with many potential franchisees across the world to leverage advanced technology for broader business,” concludes Sudhindra.