HungerBay: Food & Groceries at One Click

Friends who share common thoughts and desire to achieve bigger goals come out with brighter ideas to procure their desires. Hunger Bay is one such company that was incepted by a group of college students who aspired to be successful entrepreneurs. The young team of HungerBay includes Ansuman Patel, Tilak Raj, Abhishek Krishna, Amitabh Banerjee, Spandan Buragohain, Pravin Roy, Vishal Singh, and Ritwick Singh Graduates of Sikkim Manipal Institute of technology. As a student, Shamsh Ahsan confronted discrete issues with food delivery services in Sikkim. There were hardly any aggregation restaurants or delivery platforms in the State. But there was an absolute necessity for it in and around. Realizing the need, Shamsh during his sixth semester of engineering found mates with the same interest and jointly ventured, Hunger Bay in the year 2017.

Hunger Bay began with only two orders, today, it fulfills 200-250 orders a day. It all just started within the college campus back then. Currently, the startup delivers food and groceries in three cities across the state Majitar, Rangpo, and Singtam.

The Journey

Starting up in Sikkim came with its own set of challenges like poor internet penetration, network issues amongst others. Shamsh exclaims, “Operating is hilly regions is completely a different domain when compared to plains. Having online delivery services in a place where there’s scarce network coverage is a tough task. Communication was another major trouble. Hunger Bay is placing new technologies and multilingual solutions for better communication”.

He further adds, “Owing to bad network conditions online map services couldn’t chart the geographical lanes appropriately. So, now we are focusing to improve routing facilities
as it would help us and other businesses too. The biggest challenge is the terrain and landslides, delivery locations cannot be reached on bikes.”
Shamsh Ahsan & Abhishek Krishna, Co-Founders

Savoring the Future

The company is currently focusing on tier 2 and tier 3 cities and is experimenting on a large scale to take a step ahead and place its presence in major north eastern cities. “We have adequate experience in hill stations and we are capable to expand faster in those regions. Though plains are a completely new concept we are exploring and looking forward to a launch in Jaipur and a few other cities.”

The transformation from 2 orders to 200 orders a day portrays HungerBay’s impeccable business excellence

HungerBay is diverging into multiple sectors from food to groceries & electronics. They have a unique feedback mechanism to understand the requirements and start services in the domain on demand by creating prolific business models. They strive to customize services according to the trends and needs to meet customer’s contentment.

Addressing the budding entrepreneurs, Shamsh says, “The market is highly competitive! Big players are taking over the sector and that is how things are meant to be. Don’t think before the start, but the decisions taken later on should be wise. Don’t give up until you achieve, It requires a lot of patience to get things on the right track.”