Hyper Reality Studio: Immersive Experiences for Education, Entertainment and Enterprises

Team Hyper Reality,Co-FounderHyper Reality Studio(HRS)designs, develops, and brings to fruition interactive experiences that enable new styles and technologies of interaction between people and computers, expanding the vocabulary of design. "All reality is virtual- Our entire perception of the world around us is solely through our senses. By replacing sight and sound with virtual content, we can create a large variety of immersive experiences for our users" is a claim made by the founders.

The AR/VR start-up sees these immersive technologies as a powerful tool that can considerably enhance understanding of the world around us. HRS creates real world interactions that connect people and engender new ways of living, working, and sharing, making everyday objects and spaces even more dynamic and interactive than the online and digital worlds.

They push the constraints of static digital interfaces and bring interactivity to objects and spaces, creating multi-sensory experiences that are enhanced,
rather than supplanted,by technology.

Hyper Reality was founded in 2017 by known pioneers in the emergent technology field with over two decades of experience and innovation in the VR/AR industry between them. It is a part of a 3000 crore agri-processing and renewable energy giant.

A user experience design firm, Hyper Reality offers a number of products and services, from 360 videos to interactive VR/MR experiences to sophisticated AR systems across government and industry.

Since inception, their core focus is on creating immersive platforms for education, entertainment and enterprise. "We have been educators and trainers for a while. This is a long-term plan to explore new ways of teaching and learning using both conventional and emergent technologies," Say the founders of Hyper Reality Studio.

They are experience enablers!
As a user experience design firm, HRS offers many products and services, from 360 videos to interactive VR/MR experiences to sophisticated AR systems. Primarily, they are high level systems consultants whose main task is to enlighten the users on
how best to use each of these technologies in their own context, how to maximize ROI and where best to deploy their applications. “Each experience we create has a high level of design planning and an iterative design approach behind it based on solidly established processes. This sets us apart from most players in this space,” mentions one of the founders.

As a result of working across a wide range of technologies and paradigms, the company has multiple flagship offerings which include an AI based security product, an AR platform for device maintenance, 360 video offerings plus others. “We are currently designing a comprehensive VR system to test the user’s cognitive load while performing certain processes in a training scenario. This helps us find newer and better ways to adapt the technologies and training systems to better suit their task. We are deeply interested in getting inside our user’s heads to better understand how they react to our virtual experiences and environments

Known to be the idea leaders- who suggest the best technology to suit the application as needed in a creative and value-engineered manner, Hyper RealityStudio has plans to set up a state-of-the-art R&D and hardware design lab to bring VR and AR to the masses in a creative and contextual manner. They aim to completely change the experiential learning/training paradigm across the entire country and prove to the rest of the world that India is a leader in innovation in this field.