Impactall: The Guiding Light of Immersive Learning

Srishti Mittal, Founder & CEO

Srishti Mittal, Founder & CEO

The phenomenon of the Forgetting Curve was first observed by German psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus in the 1880s. This phenomenon implies to the situation where a person is liable to forget most of the information that has been presented to him/her verbally or in written over a window of 1-2 hours. The same phenomenon is applicable for students who have been subjected to black and white learning procedures generation after generation, sitting inside the classrooms. The dire necessity to bring about a change in the methods in which education is imparted is being strongly felt in the recent times.

Immersive Learning is one of the procedures that modern technology has come up with to render a permanent solution to this problem. It is a simulated learning solution with which the user becomes part of a virtual set-up and can interact with the
environment in a seemingly real /physical way through the use of virtual reality headset. Impactall is one of those e-learning VR platforms which is gaining popularity day after day with its products in the e-learning sphere and the noble vision to bring about a revolution. “Learning shouldn't be seen as learning. It should be seen as something that engages your curiosity, makes you ask questions and delve deep into the subject for the purpose of gaining knowledge. What we are making here is immersive content which can ignite the passion of learning among students”, says Srishti Mittal, Founder & CEO, Impactall.

"Impactall’s Academy’ application which is available at the playstore now was launched this month and has gained appreciation in a very short period of time"

Driving Along the Road of Innovation
With the goal to transform the procedures of imparting education, Impactall has crossed considerable amount of road with its innovative line of products in the e-learning domain. The Impactall VR application which is available at the play store now was launched last month and has gained appreciation in a very short period of time. The company launched another app ‘Impactall’s Academy’ on the play store this month. ‘Impactall’s Academy’ is a one-stop platform for immersive education
through multiple mediums e.g. 3D, HD videos and VR. With the perfect blend of pedagogy and innovation, Impactall has been able to create applications that don’t only instil education into the minds of learners, but also ignite curiosity in them.

In the last 1.5 years, the company has faced numerous difficulties along the way. Since VR and 3D are relatively new technologies in India, the resources are scarce. Also, because the company lays a lot of emphasis on the quality of content, design and technical optimisation, it is very important to hire and retrain people. “It took me several months after inception to hire the right minds along with the right talent in the field. As it stands, we have successfully overcome every single challenge on its way and have come up as one of the impactful players in this field,” mentions Srishti.

The Road Ahead
10 years down the line, Impactall wants to be one of the leading names in the e-learning industry. It wants to achieve the capability to proclaim its presence in every possible e-learning solution, not just in India but on a global scale. Expressing her goodwill for the company, Srishti concludes, “Impactall wants to grow as a visionary in terms of innovative learning.”