KAD24: Pledges top-notch Automotive Consulting Services

Kaustubhan Srivathsan, the establisher of KAD24made a life choice of becoming the captain of the ship rather than remain a mere mariner of the crew. His decision of availing his erudition and expertise in the Automotive Industry led to the construction of a perceptive consulting firm, advancing innovative animation based learning and training sessions dedicated to enlighten learners about the particulars of this niche domain. In order to pioneer in the industry, provisions were made to even measure up there quirements of organizations drawing breath in this space and were also dextrously crafted. "The thought of utilizing my forte and starting up something of my own came to me when was working with the big wheels of the industry Cummins, Renault-Nissan, Tata Johnson Controls, and MarutiSuzuki. Having known the ecosystem so closely incited me to pitch in to help people know everything about it, equipping them with state-of-the-art technologies and designs to be used. I then made the final move and stepped away from the 9 to 5 job and ventured out to create KAD24 with an aim to provide consulting to industry," narrates Kaustubhan Srivathsan, Founder.

This innovative approach pioneers in providing top-notch learning content segregated into Companies and Students. To facilitate this, online videos regarding product visualization, e-learning, e-training for companies are released on the websites. The same is done for the benefits of the students where video tutorials concerning the various aspects of science. Other than these, KAD24 is also conferring end-to-end consulting and advisory services, ministering confidential assignments and assisting them to launch their products and services in the market. "We are known as an e-learning platform but have way wider functions. From dispensing demonstrated innovative Animations based learning and Training modules for easy and rapid-learning of domain knowledge, we also take put efforts to develop Digital Visualization of products, craft constructive consulting services for organizations," he adds.
How has it Evolved
KAD24 started off its journey along with Knowledge Podium- a knowledge based podium associated with Siemens network. At a gradual pace it established an upright and eye-catching brand image in the market which bagged it lucrative projects from grandees of the industry like Mercedes-Benz Research and Development. It served the company with top-notch engineering consulting work.
Kaustubhan Srivathsan, Founder,Aditya Kaustubhan, Co-Founder
In due course, the company has on-boarded clients from the Automotive in Tier-1 space. At the present day, KAD24 is actively delivering consulting services to a billion dollar Indian Electric Vehicle startup. "It is a matter of pride that in a span of five years we have progressed enormously with a team of just three people and the support of expert consultants. We execute our services based on the demand of our clients. And to understand their requirement we do a complete evaluation of their requirements. In the online e-learning space which is emerging as a billion-dollar industry, KAD24 launched in 2016 a well-known product named Physics models dedicated to Physics with thousands of students enrolled globally, 1.5 million views/8000 subscribers on YouTube. As a token of appreciation, we were awarded with Innovation Awards for e-learning from I Study Birmingham, UK as well as Higher Education Review magazine," says, Kaustubhan.

KAD24 is opting to combine two of its greatest strengths, knowledge with animation technologies to take its business to a whole new level

For the days to come, KAD24 is opting to combine two of its greatest strengths, knowledge with animation technologies to take its business to a whole new level winning potential customers across the globe. The company aspires to continue extending its high-end Advisory/Consulting services for vehicle design and creating new Electric Vehicles, thus driving its strength towards ameliorating Animation for Visualization.