Kallows: Ultra-portable Medical Device Technology

Gajanan Nagarsekar,  MDFew years ago when mobile messaging applications were not much in vogue, there were doctors and private practitioners who followed certainset of principals and etiquettes safeguardingpatient’s personal information.Years later, the scenario changed and many of them started using messaging apps to share sensitive informationthat includes sending photos of X-rays, MRI& CT scan via messaging apps which are not FDA approved. To think, the Healthcare Industry is losing its charm in maintaining the quality of the system.Understanding the need for a unique platform specifically designed to servethe purpose led to the establishment of Kallows.

Team Kallows came up with an idea of developing an Ultra-portable Medical Device in 2007 and actually started working on their product from2011 onwards.At the start, their product was too advanced to be even launched in the marketas smartphones had not evolved maturely until 2013.Elaborating on this,GajananNagarsekar, Co-founder, KallowsEngg. India,
speaks, “The time we began our journey, there were not many incubators or people in the ecosystem to support or build such platforms. It was really difficult for me and KevinKreger (Co-founder) to find the right kind of people who had knowledge about medical devices”. Gradually, the company has actively developed products for the rapidly growing mobile health market place with the help of their superior domain expertise in medical equipment and Healthcare IT.

What gives Kallows an edge over others is their approach to address the shortage or lack of immediate availability of a cardiologist that can diagnose the patient's condition from the ECG

Real-time Remote Access to Patients

Known to develop inexpensive and innovative lifesaving technology, Kallow’s flagship product includesmobmon® 12.0, which is first of its kind ultra portable kit that allows Live ECG streams to remote doctor's phone or tablet. The battery operated device requires no paper scroll and helps patient records to be shared using proprietary software, from mobile-to-mobile. “Our medical device will be replacing all the older system in the Cardiology Segment. Currently we are working on a project related to Emergency Medicine and this
product will increase the overall efficiency of the entire process thereby focusing on saving a life. Right from the person dialing 108 at the time of emergency to the doctor who’ll be receiving the patient, everything will be tracked, monitored and documented safely without tempering the records” adds Gajanan. No wonder, the company has the highest speed of access to patient's ECG by the cardiologist, which is a life-saving feature. They are also one of the most portable and one of the lowest priced platforms.

What gives Kallows an edge over others is their approach to address the shortage or lack of immediate availability of a cardiologist that can diagnose the patient's condition from the ECG. The best thing about the product is that it runs on a smartphone or tablet so one can use it to transfer the ECG to a remote cardiologist anywhere in the world within a few seconds.

Closely associated with theSTEMI India and HeartRescue India projects, Kallows, at present isinvolved in some intense research work to upgrade their product and release new prodcuts, with the main agenda of saving lives. “We would like all doctors to support us and respect our products and appreciate the hard work we have put into deliver. All the doctors and private practitioners across India should embrace our technology as it’s made in India and for India and this helps most of the Hospitals and Clinics to increase their efficiency and focus on core operational issues”, concludes Gajanan.