KOMPANIONS: Re-Visualizing Education

Yuvraj Krishna Sharma & Gautam Arjun,Co-Founders Nowadays, a typical millennial student is far more tech savvy than most adults. In fact children can read from smartphones and tablets even before they start going to school. Compared to the vast ocean of content on the Internet, the formal Indian education system just seems dull to most kids and we can’t blame them for it. While children have readily embraced the technologies of the future, sadly most schools are still married to the same old engagement tools. “Through AR/VR, I think we’ve finally found the perfect way to engage young learners,” asserts Yuvraj Krishna Sharma, Co-Founder of KOMPANIONS.

“It is a proven fact that visualization is the best way to learn and remember anything. And at Kompanions we do exactly that with the use of interactive 3D models, sounds and educational games,” says Gautam Arjun, Co-Founder of KOMPANIONS. Highlighting the impact their company has had on the Indian AR/VR space he say, “In the education sector our products have endless potential.
From classroom teaching aids to at-home self-learning tools, we have something for every one.”

In a span of three years, KOMPANIONS has become one of the largest producers of educational AR/VR content in the world

Super Cool Futuristic Products & Solutions
In 2015,after noticing a huge market for AR/VR, the co-founders’ love for technology and decades of experience in the education space inspired them to start KOMPANIONS. Andin a span of three years, they have already become one of the largest producers of educational AR/VR content in the world. In fact, the company is actively collaborating with some of the biggest names in the education industry across the globe. A few of the innovative solutions designed by KOMPANIONS includes KAMP, which is a structured Brain Training Camp designed to encourage young learners to think logically and creatively. It can be conducted both as an after school activity or as a summer camp.

SPROUT programming is another exciting product from KOMPANIONS.Based on the teaching principles developed at MIT, this programme uses interactive games and logic problems to introduce children to the wonderful world of coding.
Then there's KLab, which is a 21st century advanced DIGITAL Library that builds both curricular and extracurricular skills in all students by combining AR/VR with traditional teaching tools like workbooks. KLAB can be used by students independently or guided by the teacher as a group activity. For example, teachers can take their class on a Virtual Field Trip where students get to explore the wonders of the world through a VR headset.

And finally, there’s KOMPASS, which is a diagnostic assessment architecture that tracks a student’s learningcurve and provides remedial solutions.

The Future is Already Here
Gurgaon based KOMPANIONS has already carved a space for itself in this niche market and is backed by renowned industry veterans. Today the company has grown from its two co-founders to a team of over 50 professionals. It consists of members from a variety of fields including talented developers, artists, innovators and educationists.Financially, the company has grown at a phenomenal rate of 300 % year on year. In the coming months, KOMPANIONS also has plans to launch products that will provide students a real-time learning experience from across the globe. “We are continuously trying to re-visualize education. We are building skills that do not come with an expiry date. It is as simple as that. As long as there is thirst for knowledge, there will always be KOMPANIONS,” concludes Yuvraj on a positive note.