Laxmicoin: Decentralized platform for consumers around the world

Mitthan Meena,FounderIt was in 2012 when Mitthan Meena and his team in Jaipur struck upon the idea of having India's first and only Cryptocurrency aptly named Laxmicoin. It was more a question of when and not why.

While talking to a friend of him one day, he realized most people in India had never heard of a Cryptocurrency. “I thought why shouldn’t Indian people have their own currency? That’s the first-time idea of Laxmicoin came up,” informs Mitthan.

Mitthan has been tracking this new technology called block chain since 2009 and it took shape in 2016,after seeing many a company launch in India and the world.

Initially Laxmicoin was implemented based on Bitcoin and the team had
applied for permission from RBI for operations in India.

“While we are still waiting for an official response from the RBI, blockchain space has been moving at very rapid pace. We have kept on making enhancements to our Laxmicoin technology but we have not launched Laxmicoin officially yet," explains Mitthan Meena, Founder of Laxmicoin.

As the technology kept getting advanced, many a company closed or folded down and yet, Laxmicoin was tweaked and made so advanced that it can ensure high transaction speeds, scalability and usability.

"Laxmicoin is known to possess the most advanced and secure network for the digital world and uses some latest research done in blockchain space to make their network powerful," he added.

Rover Network
The team in Jaipur has implemented a decentralized applications platform which can be used by developers to make any application they want.

“Our target audience is not only developers but also the end user who will be able to access our platform using the mobile. We are looking into many possible
applications of blockchain. Some of the prototypes we have implemented are voting platform, SSL system etc," he said.

Mitthan firmly believes Rover will be like a giant super computer powered with combined computation power and storage of billions of devices. "This will be the future of Internet", he predicted.

Interestingly, Rover Network is expected to be a blockchain platform where anyone can setup a mobile App or website or anything using the friendly, “Rover Network”.

It is going to be faster, more usable blockchain platform. It is likely to solve problems of transaction speed and scalability which most blockchain solutions have as of now.

As technology has seamlessly bridged the gap across the world, Laxmicoin is in the final stages of signing up with partners across varied Industries and businesses. It is just a matter of time.

“Rover Network is going to be a highly scalable Dapps Platform. We hope that the next big thing like Facebook or a Google will be powered by Rover Network,” Mitthan concludes enthusiastically.