Licksters: Fruit Popsicles with 100 Percent Real Fruit

Dhivya & Parimal Kalikar,  Co-FoundersPopsicles have always been artificial and chemical based enjoyable treats which have been enjoyed by every generation all this long. It was just a sugary for everyone with no nutritional value. Licksters gave an amazing positive twist to the boring water based popsicles and created a revolution by adding 100 percent real fruits to it. Licksters offers an innovative assortment of premium popsicles and ice creams created with pure fruit and no artificial colors or flavors in order to considerably boost the nutritional content.

A Nagpur-based ice cream company, Licksters, was founded in 2019 as a one-of-a-kind natural ice cream brand with an 80 percent fruit concentration and a vegan, glutenfree fruit pops option. Its objective is to become a household name and a synonym for popsicles. The founders of Licksters, Dhivya, and Parimal Kalikar, had the idea for popsicles during a 100-day challenge given in an emotional training program in which they were expected to abstain from sugar, dairy, and processed foods apart from other challenges. During the challenge, they chose fruit as a desert, and as they acquired the taste and texture of the fruit, it captured their hearts. When they went out for ice cream after the challenge, they felt duped because
the packaging depicted fruit, but only two percent of it was real and artificial flavor was added. Instantaneously, they conceived of manufacturing pops with a higher concentration of fruit, and over time they developed six to seven flavors. They progressively acquired milk and glutenfree vegan flavors while resembling fruits and being completely natural and chemical free.

Popsicles with Maximum Fruit Concentration
Licksters offers a wide variety of fruit pops, icecream pops, Greek yogurt pops, and innovations such as ooey gooey center pops, fruit fusion, icecream tubs, popit shakes, and fruity cold brew coffees. In the winter, hot menu product ranges include Waffle Pops, the Swirl It Hot Chocolate range, and many more. Because Lisksters handle a higher concentration of fruit products, it is different to handle fruits because fruits are perishable and must be properly matured before processing.

"If it's a pineapple, it should be ripe but not overripe. For pops to have less sugar, the juice should be high in fructose. Once the fruit has reached the desired level of ripeness the manufacturing process commences with washing, cutting, mixing, and molding. Then the mold is placed in a special machine that contains foodgrade glycol and goes to a temperature of minus 25 to minus 30 degrees. Then it is placed in a blast freezer and sent for packaging. Similarly, different fruits have different processing methods and we have mastered them all through our extensive research process to achieve the desired taste and texture", explains Dhivya and Parimal, Founders, Licksters.

Moreover, the unique improvement of Licksters is a result of consumer input. The workforce was trained in such a way that as soon as the firm began serving, customers were questioned at least once about the product's overall flavor and preference. The firm has consistently developed the feedback system via Zomato, Google, text messages, and phone calls. In addition, various cities have been studied in order to improve the product's quality, flavor, and texture and make it more innovative.

Conclusively, Licksters began with a 250-square-foot production space and has since expanded to over 3,500 square feet and is inching toward 18,000 square feet. Its production is thriving in terms of quality. Today Licksters are already available in 5 different cities Nagpur, Nashik, Raipur, Bhilai, Vadodara and also opening soon in Delhi, Pune and Indore, and the firm also has a five year ambition to open more than 250 stores in India and other nations.