Lifechart Ayurveda: An AI Digital Lead Platform Leading a Complete Ayurvedic Reform

  Mukul Shah,   Founder CEO

Mukul Shah

Founder CEO

The alternate wellness segment, encompassing ayurveda, homeopathy, naturopathy, yoga, and more, plays a significant role in India's medicinal and wellness sector. Despite its popularity, this segment faces organizational challenges with a notable presence of uncertified practitioners and product sellers, especially in Tier-II & Tier-III cities. In response to these issues and with a commitment to serving the middle-class segment in India, Lifechart Ayurveda was established. This Gurgaon-based pioneering startup is a technology-driven platform backed by AI, dedicated to providing holistic solutions from discovery to recovery. Under the vision of Mukul, a serial entrepreneur, Lifechart aims to transform the patient experience in the alternate wellness sector and address the healthcare needs of the underserved masses in Bharat. The firm's focus lies in offering tested and certified ayurvedic remedies and medicines tailored to address various ailments, ensuring a reliable and accessible approach to alternate wellness.

Services & USPs
Lifechart is an all-encompassing alternate wellness platform, providing doctor consultation services via phone calls and chats. This facilitates a thorough understanding of patients' ailments, enabling the prescription of appropriate ayurvedic medications. “Lifechart Ayurveda is a platform where we handhold the patients and are working towards becoming India's first curative Ayurveda brand. We add value to the
patient experience and patient’s life rather than simply pushing product. We have a network of over 500 BAMS qualified doctors to provide free consultations and prescriptions based on patient diagnosis. The medications prescribed are developed using our own unique formulations which are tested and certified for purity, and safety by FICCI labs”, shares Mukul Shah, Founder CEO, Lifechart Ayurveda.

Lifechart Ayurveda differentiates itself through its tech first and community-first approach. By leveraging AI-based technology, the company identified the most prevalent ailments that patients seek redressal for, revealing that a significant number of patients suffer from gut related issues or ailments triggered by an unhealthy gut. With this insight, Life chart devoted its efforts to crafting optimal solutions and medications for gut-related conditions. Instead of prioritizing products, the company stands out from its competitors by placing a strong emphasis on technology to drive its solutions and enhance patient outcomes by providing better diagnostic tools to the doctors & leveraging AI to predict the future trending diseases based on the past pattern.

As a B2C brand, Lifechart Ayurveda not only offers doctor consultations and medicinal prescriptions, but also allows users to order the prescribed medicines from the platform, and delivers it to their doorstep. Not only this, with its focus on ‘from discovery to recovery’, the platform also delves into a patient's dietary and lifestyle information, offering suggestions that will further help improve the patient’s health. Through such dedicated efforts, along with the trust of ISO 22000 certification, FICCI certification, bio-culture test validations, DAO registration, and GMP certifications, it is no surprise that Lifechart gained over 50,000 organic downloads in merely three months of its inception & has touched lives of nearly 2 lac patients , growth at 30 percent month-on-month, having established about 50 percent repeat clients.

Future Path
Currently, the firm is working on its seed fundraising round, seeking to raise $1 million to $1.2 million out of which 70 percent is already subscribed by marquee investors. In its past round company has raised capital from Nitish mittersain founder of Nazara technologies, Sunn91 ventures, Expert dojo US based VC & Marwali Angels. Simultaneously, the company's future expansion plans revolve around becoming a specialist in gut-related products, leveraging AI recommendations to expand its current 10 SKUs to around 60-70 within 6-8 months. The focus will be on the digestive care market, valued at $42.5 billion globally. The distribution approach will also upgrade and adopt an omni-channel strategy, including innovative doorstep testing and consultation in tier two and three cities. Additionally, the company aims to explore international markets with high demand, starting with a pilot launch iin the UK, the US, Japan, or China.