Lioncharge: Charging the Way to a Sustainable India

 Venkata Saiveer Reddy Gutha,   FounderThe EV charging market is expected to grow well in the coming year. In 2021 alone, the market size reached $8.8 billion, based on market research conducted by The Insight Partners. This number is forecasted to grow to $23.4 billion by 2028 with a steady 15 percent CAGR. Major corporations are investing significantly in R&D to create faster EV charger types for public charging stations. An example of one company leading with EV fast chargers in seven states is Hyderabad based, LIONCHARGE. LIONCHARGE is operational since August 2021 and based out of Hyderabad, currently operating a wide network of 4-wheeler fast charging stations in seven states with 75+ chargers.

Its Network includes DC fast chargers along national highways connecting metro cities like Hyderabad - Bangalore, Pune - Goa, and Hyderabad - Vijaywada among other state highways in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. LIONCHARGE powers residential and workplaces with AC fast chargers for destination charging. LIONCHARGE offers an EV charging experience center in Hyderabad where users can learn more about EVs in their lounge while user’s car is fast charging with India's fastest current dispensing charger. LIONCHARGE also works with electric 4-wheeler fleet operators for powering employees and airport transport in Hyderabad.

“LIONCHARGE users get access to our wide network of DC and AC fast chargers located at multifamily homes to IT parks, retail spaces and public charging stations along highways connecting cities with easy and convenient charging steps for 4-wheelers", says Venkata Saiveer Reddy Gutha, Founder, LIONCHARGE.
With LIONCHARGE EV drivers can now enjoy their drive and charge their vehicles wherever they are office, school, home and on the go, without any wait and range anxiety. The company offers end-to-end EV fast charging solutions from charger installation to maintenance. LIONCHARGE’s experts know EV charging inside out and can connect clients with the right charging solutions.

“From DC fast charging on the move to AC fast charging at home, we provide market leading safe, smart, and sustainable e-mobility solutions. We excel at installing, maintaining, and operating electric car charging infrastructure at residential/apartment residences while providing users with a seamless experience via our mobile app", says Venkata.

We are a young organization aiming to electrify intracity & intercity EV commute in the country to accelerate the EV adoption rate

Toward Clean & Green India
India is seeing a growing demand for EVs not just because of its carbon-free commute, but also as an opportunity to cut costs on their fuel expenses and zero maintenance. LIONCHARGE understands that EV charging involves time and is not the same as refueling an ICE car. “We provide chargers wherever our users can spend time making residential and workspaces an obvious location for users to charge without any wait. We also provide fastcharging solutions along national Highways connecting major cities in India", adds Venkata.

LIONCHARGE since its inception has been working towards building a wide network of EV charging stations to support and increase the EV adoption rate in India. EV charging infrastructure plays a major role in contributing towards faster adoption and thereby directly/indirectly reducing dependency on fuel and keeping the environment clean.

Onward & Upward
One of its users, SS Balaji appreciating LIONCHARGE said, “The service is quick and excellent. The touchscreen display at the stations is attractive. Payment system was easy too, loved the experience". LIONCHARGE was able to deliver 10,000+ successful charging sessions in the past one year with over 3,000+ registered users. Additionally, the company works effortlessly to provide 24x7 customer support for EV users with their EV charging so they can enjoy their carbon free without any range anxiety.

LIONCHARGE is currently in the process of installing 40+ DC chargers with a combination of 24 kW, 50 kW, and 120 kW fast chargers by Dec 2023 and will be operating 650+ chargers.