Loopway: Revolutionizing Urban Transport with Microtunnels & Autonomous Vehicles

Indrasena Varakantham,  FounderAmong the myriad of startups in this domain, one company that stands-out is Hyderabad based Loopway. Founded in 2019 by Indrasena Varakantham, Loopway has created a niche for itself in the industry by offering high quality and cutting-edge mobility and autotech solutions. A nextgen technology company, Loopway was incepted with a vision to solve the massive transit related problems that exist in our country by bringing about a change in the way transit systems operate.

“One of the most promising solutions is the use of microtunnels and autonomous vehicles. The use of microtunnels and autonomous vehicles offers a promising solution for urban transportation systems. This innovative combination of technology has the potential to revolutionize the way we move in cities, making transportation more efficient, sustainable, and safer for everyone”, says Indrasena, who has profound knowledge of the tunneling, AI-based self-driving technology, and logistics industries.

Loopway primarily offers tunneling services and autonomous vehicle solutions, along with developing highly efficient electronic vehicles for both private and public transport. Apart from this, it also offers end-to end comprehensive multimode transit system for
cities which includes consulting, facilitation, implementation and managing the operations of the system.

“We are building a multimode underground transit system specifically designed for use in urban environment using micro tunnels for right of way, autonomous vehicles, electric vehicles and V2I platforms. Compared with other mass transit options like Mass Rapid Transit System (MRTS) and Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS), Loopway is more efficient in building and operating. The system also enables private transit integration, allowing higher revenue and lower running costs”, explains Karteek Chenna, Co-Founder, Loopway.

Loopway system blends the Existing urban road transit with Underground tunnel loops to Provide faster, safer & more Efficient intra-city travel

Usually, the entire project cost of building a mass transit system is borne by the government to make it more financially feasible. However, Loopway’s transit system offers the flexibility of being built and operated privately, which enables the cities to adopt this system without incurring any additional costs. This aspect is serving as the unique proposition for the company in the market.

“Loopway system blends the existing urban road transit with underground tunnel loops to provide faster, safer and more efficient intracity travel. The traffic management system ensures the smooth autonomous operation of our connected vehicles in the dedicated highspeed right-of-way.

Electric cars powered by Loopways autonomous drive can both travel on roads and use the highspeed, driver less underground loops to reach their destinations more quickly”, Indrasena further adds.

Going forward, Loopway will first launch its multimode transit system in tier-I cities in India and the gradually into tier-II cities as well. The company is planning to create an 80 acre test site to present its product and aims to complete developing its MVP by Q4 this year and demonstrate the project to all the stake holders. Furthermore, it also aspires extending its services to airport transit and commuting of employees within the buildings of large private organizations.