Lovely Lifestyle: Curating Unmatched Collection of Organic Products

Vaibhav Mittal,Founder and COO

Vaibhav Mittal

Founder and COO

An average Indian uses three to four personal care products per day. As per KPMG Wellness Sector report, April 2015 - Beauty and Wellness industry which is growing at 15-20 percent annually would nearly double to Rs 80,370 crore by 2017-18. Besides this rapid growth of Beauty and Wellness industry, we can also see a sheer shift in the demand for organic products as people become more conscious about their health and well-being. Today, 'organic' and ‘natural’ have evolved as the buzz-words in the industry. Vaibhav Mittal, an MBA graduate from the prestigious Babson College in Boston (USA), realized this growing interest of people in Organic products. Seizing this opportunity, Vaibhav established Lovely Lifestyle, an e-commerce platform that combines two great needs of the present age- Online Shopping and Organic Living.

“I was in Los Angeles (USA), when I developed interest for organic beauty and wellness products. The products felt immensely different, and it made me feel good and pleasing about myself. The very idea that no matter what, these products are pro to beauty and health and would never bring harm
my body and skin made me like and recommend them much more. To be honest, I developed an intense preference for the organic products; wherever I went my first choice was standardized to be products organic in nature. I researched about Organic and Natural product distributors in India, and to my surprise, the numbers where too less. It was then that I developed an idea to start my own e-commerce platform that aimed at providing the most real organic and high quality natural products, especially in the Tier 2/ 3 cities where demand was significantly high but supply was minimal,” says Vaibhav Mittal, Founder and COO,

With 10,000 products from more than 200 brands, Lovely Lifestyle guarantees its products to be 100 percent genuine with no SLS/ SLEs, Parabens or any other harmful chemicals

Addressing the Challenge
Set up in 2015,the success saga of Lovely Lifestyle is weaved on clear market research. For any entrepreneur if he/she knows the landscape of the market, entrepreneur's half job is done. Then you know where to aim your arrow! Vaibhav Mittal, understood the gaps in the market and he was keen on bridging the demand-supply gap with is online platform. “The concept of natural and organic products was new to Indian market and there were many products
which were being sold with the false claim of being organic in nature, therefore I had to go for intense market survey, look for sellers and brand owners of real organic products, set meeting with the sellers and ensure a regular supply of organic products. Today, we are very pro-active in providing informative content on our product pages that helps the customers to be fully informed about the product, its ingredients and the usage. We have hand picked top Organic brands from around the globe. With 10,000 products from more than 200 brands, we guarantee our products to be 100 percent genuine with no SLS/ SLEs, Parabens or any other harmful chemicals,” explains Vaibhav Mittal.

Way Ahead
Vaibhav Mittal’s entrepreneurship exhibits adroitness not only in terms of his well-crafted market strategies but also in his capability to foresee the scope of Beauty and Wellness industry as a pool of employment opportunities. Throwing light on the strong road map of his venture, Vaibhav says, “In the coming years, we expect to own five percent of total share in wellness and beauty market in India. We are developing Affiliate Marketing models to tie-up with top Salons, Gyms and Spas where our target audience lies. In addition to our presence in all the metro cities, we will be more focused on North and West India as these two markets are more luxury driven. Our main interest is to take people back to the roots when they employed processes that were closer to nature and in-tune with the auspiciousness of the human body and Vedic practice.”