Meldoc: All Rounder Partner for Doctors

Advanced technologies are tremendously impacting the healthcare industry. Following this, several startups are mushrooming to redefine this burgeoning sector with new technical inventions. Bangalore based Meldoc is one such company that strives to incorporate technology and shift the way how entire industry works. This venture is an outcome of trial and error, Rajesh Naidu as an orthopedic surgeon was passionate to contribute and thrive the healthcare space. In early 2016, he joined hands with a few virtuosos of IIM and proposed a new EMR based healthcare technology. The system was completely customizable by doctors and reduced the time complexities involved in maintenance of records. Rajesh says, "Though this was beneficial, it came up with a set of cons. The cloud based system which had immutable records made the entire process tedious as doctors were the last one to use technology."

Recognizing the imbalance, Rajesh Naidu and his brother Rajesh Pothugunta quit the EMR system, they started analyzing the market needs and understood how the trend change is affecting the doctors. They encountered a major drawback in the storage mechanism incorporated in the industry. Frequent loss of data would not let the experts come up with journals or paper presentation which is one of the main ingredients to spread awareness on ailments and its threats. Another hitch was ambiguous intimation on the payment details of doctors.

Few life experiences made Rajesh realize every doctor's involvement in their duty. He states, "We too have an external life, but our focus completely lies on patients and their well being. Doctors have either neglected their personal life or completely forgotten it."A fair and detailed comprehension of this escalating sector and his insights incited him to venture a platform that supports doctors in all ways possible. There by,in 2018 came forth Meldoc.

"MEL abbreviates My External Life it is exclusively built medical practitioners. We value every doctor's life and help them effectively manage professional and personal life. We as a healthcare startup provide an AI-based virtual personal assistant
that serves every single need of doctors"exclaims Rajesh Naidu
Rajesh Naidu & Rajesh Pothugunta, Co-Founders,Balachandra Malepati, Director
The Services Offered

Meldoc offers an amazing platform that allows doctors to regulate appointments and point out the conferences taking place in and around the space. It has a portal that helps them track CME points online. This application provides detailed analytics on what's on-demand and what the specialist should work on to meet the needs of the market. Apart from all other benefits the firm provides INR 10L insurance to the registered doctors and guides them regarding professional indemnity insurance. The services provided by the company are assisting the doctors around the world by making their life easier and better.

Meldoc offers an amazing platform that allows doctors to regulate appointments and point out the conferences taking place in and around the space

Adapting to the latest technology was a major challenge the company acknowledged. However, Rakesh who comes with robust experience in the tech field aided and transformed Meldoc as an effective startup. Convincing doctors and building trust were other snags that they confronted initially. At present, it has gained a huge number of registered users who phenomenally appreciate the product.


The company is now in the testing phase but has seen remarkable responses from the doctors registered so far. Rajesh asserts "We have doctors registered from US, Australia & UK" we are connecting globally and expanding a strong network across the world."

Meldoc looks forward to launching its finished product in the upcoming year, and the proficient team is striving to wrap the entire healthcare system by developing a consumer side product involving Blockchain in the future.