Metier Store: A Technology Portal for Faster, Better & Efficient Hiring Solutions

Sushil Kumar,Director

Sushil Kumar


“What can I do to make my resume stand out and get an employer to seriously consider me for a job”? This tends to be the first question that comes to the mind of any job seeker at the first hand. But at present, the concept ‘One-size, fits all’ doesn’t fit in the marketplace of increasingly specialized manpower needs. Most of the companies are seen to hire employees based on the basis of soft skills rather than purely on their hard skills. Also, it has been found that if 100 companies are supposed to conduct placements at the institute, only 15 percent of them show up. Noticing the declining value of the text CV’s and at the same time the soaring demand for innovative hiring technologies, a Mumbai based organization, Métier Store came up with the unique idea of the internet based platform that offers campus hiring based on their soft skills through a short Video CV. Their talent hiring philosophy is similar to how the products are being sold on e-commerce platforms wherein the buyer makes the buying decision based on the 360-degree information of the products right from their desk thereby saving time, cost and efforts.

Established in 2015 with the objective to solve the problems in the traditional way of placements by bringing in the new concept of Video CV, Métier Store also assists the recruiters to get a clear picture of the candidate in terms of soft skills that consists of the basic
introduction, communication skills, recorded group discussions and others. Explicating on it, Sushil Kumar, Director, Métier Store, says, “Our Virtual Placement Campus® platform endeavours to provide a complete picture of the candidate & helps the stakeholders in connecting to the job markets with complete ease.”

Virtual Hiring Service Offering Platform

Helping recruiters to access top talent with zero travel, Métier Store offers the recruiters a specialized “Candidate Dashboard” that features the candidate’s profile, Text CV, and Video CV. The company today offers an array of products & services starting right from personal branding, video profile, Virtual Placement Campus®, recorded group discussions, the dashboard for candidates, live video interview streaming & others. Focused more on the question ‘Tell me about yourself’, it tries to assist the candidates by being a one stop shop that renders Video CV presentation, interviews, and opportunities to speak to the recruiters through their portal. “Through our concept, we try to help the students on certain templates like what is to be presented within two minutes and thus guide them in preparing& showcasing their best,” mentions Kumar.

Captivating the special features like professional Video CV, Recorded Group Discussions, Institution’s Promotional Video Profile and initially started with the idea to start a Video CV, the company later transformed itself into a digital platform that ensures a dashboard that connects recruiters to a candidate at an ease using a shareable unique URL meant for every candidate. “Our concern is to provide benefits to the students, employers & institutions. With our portal that operates on analytics, algorithms & cloud based technology we are
also trying to launch them on the global job platform for faster, better & efficient hiring solutions,” avers Kumar.

Expanding across the Metro Cities

Headquartered in Mumbai with a team of seven people, Métier Store capacitates Video CVs as one of its core strength. Tied up with colleges to bring in the modern, futuristic and trendy methods of recruiting, the company today have its two sorts of clients – the institutions & the recruiters. The company catered to placements needs of 10 institutions during the last placements seasons &50+ recruiters and is soon going to add another 20 more institutions and leverage to 7000+ Video CVs during the forthcoming placement season.

Focused more on the question ‘Tell me about yourself’, Métier Store assist the candidates by being a one stop shop that renders Video CV presentation, interviews, and opportunities to communicate to the recruiters through their job portal

Catering to colleges and students and help them to enroll themselves to connect with potential recruiters, who offer job vacancies & internships, Kumar concludes, “Our product is based on a futuristic concept and we are already on the path of taking off in the next two to three years. We have also patented few of our products and are soon going to expand to other 8 major metro cities.”