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    In a rapidly and fast paced economy, technology has always been a boon in numerous aspects. Social networks, new technologies and data analytics at present times are considered to have an enormous impact on how people connect, work & collaborate. With the advancements in technological fields, the conventional methods are seemed to be replaced by the new age techniques. And one such arena that is evolving itself by bringing in the implications of the latest technological developments is the Human Resource landscape. The competition among enterprises in hiring the best & the demand for making the right decision at the right time has led organizations to switch their businesses to technology. And to help the organizations meet up the new challenges many HR Technology startups have...

10 Best Startups in HR Technology

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
 Bass HRLabz Bass HRLabz Antony B Adaikalam, Founder Set up with the vision to be a dedicated firm that outsources payroll & HR compliance by mixing capital & technology in a nutshell.
CodeGround CodeGround Saurabh Chawla, Bhuvan Gupta, & Hemant Agarwal, Co-Founders An online assessment platform that provides customized solutions to organizations and has unique features that are said to revolutionize recruitment industry
HireWand Technologies HireWand Technologies Shiva Maran , Founder & CEO A complete sourcing solution for the sourcing team and the recruiter to find the best fit candidates for a requirement
Jedhru Informatics Jedhru Informatics Narayana Murthy, Director Helps the customers to automate their payroll management by providing end-to-end HR outsourcing services and handling outsourcing/offshoring business & technology services
MapRecruit.com MapRecruit.com Shivaji Mukthavaram , CEO & Co-Founder An open source technology focused product development company providing solutions in areas of big data for recruitment, machine learning, big data analytics & others
Métier Store Métier Store Sushil Kumar, Director Internet-based platform that offers hiring talent based on their soft skills through a short video profile
ONICRA ONICRA Karan Mirchandani , Associate Director Specialized in providing rating, risk assessment and advanced analytics solution to individuals, SMEs and MSMEs
Postero Technologies Postero Technologies Buddhadeb Das Gupta & V. Muralikrishna, Co-Founders HireAssure, a Cloud based smart hiring platform that embraces new technologies like predictive analytics, machine learning and NLP tohelp organizationsbring predictability to their hiring.
Wheebox Wheebox Mainank Daru, CEO One of India's leading talent assessment companies helping enterprise, government, and academic institutions globally to measure and identify talent
Zoojoo,be Zoojoo,be Avinash Saurabh, Founder & CEO A cloud and mobile based wellness platform that uses game mechanics & behavior modeling to engage users and makes them understand health habits