Mithaas: Delivering Sweetness to Your Doorsteps

 Pushpendra Sharma and Saurabh Mullick ,Co-FounderWe all have craved for those delicious sweets that are being baked on the TV shows, yet felt lazy to cook or buy it from outside. Well, technology has done the trick again; Mithaas Sweets & Restaurant Pvt Ltd located in Noida is delivering not just high quality, tasty traditional sweets and namkeens but also breakfast, lunch and dinner to your doorstep using digital platform. It all started in the summer of 2012, when two ex-classmate techies Saurabh Mullick and Pushpendra Sharma were highly motivated to modernise some core traditional business using digital tools and technology. But it was not all cakewalk to break into this family inherited business line with no background; it took a lot of resource and trial & errors to build the business from scratch.

Original, Exciting Sweetness Every Day

The company has multiple sweet shop locations where traditional Indian snacks like Samosa, Kachori, Cholle Bhature, Puri Sabji, Chaat, Pao Bhaji, Paneer
Pakora, Dhokla and many more are served directly or home delivered. Mithaas Restaurant serves North Indian, South Indian and Chinese cuisines as well. To fit the North Indian taste pallet, many Indian and international dishes are tweaked to make the perfect match. Mithaas personally designs and makes all the favourite sweet delights according to customer specifications, specialising in birthdays, baby showers, anniversary, weddings, engagements and others.

Mithaas maintains quality & hygiene by procuring raw materials only from top brands and undertaking regular pest control measures

Being one of the earliest few to start breakfast and sweet home deliveries in Noida, Mithaas has updated itself accordingly to its tech savvy customers. “Our whole online sales channel is driven by our customers becoming more tech savvy. Customer convenience of ordering from and getting them delivered right at their door steps have been part of our vision and we try to get that experience improved every day,” asserts Saurabh, Co-Founder, Mithaas.Today, customers can place order through website, and mobile applications for Android & iOS apps as well and get orders delivered within 45 minutes without any delivery or packing charges. Mithaas has strong online sales focused on delivering best consumer experience, and
has partnered with all major online ordering platforms such as Zomato, Foodpanda, Grofers, Big Basket and many more.

Quality & Hygiene at its Paramount

The Food and Beverage Industry always proclaims the challenge of maintaining quality and hygiene. At Mithaas, delivering taste, quality and friendly services is postulated as the success mantra. “Quality, hygiene and service are no longer good to have things but have become bare essentials on customer expectation; thus the only strategy is to keep customers happy every time they interact with Mithaas,” says Pushpendra emphasising on building trust and customer acquisition. Mithaas focuses on maintaining quality and hygiene right from procuring raw materials from top and trusted brands and vendors, to taking regular pest control measures and getting modern equipment at every stage of food processing. Mithaas conducts regular training and development classes to ensure its employees follow best practices to maintain hygiene and taste.

The Future Beckons

Mithaas is currently centralising on stabilising its new product line, particularly its 100 percent pure vegetarian Bakery, along with opening new outlets in Noida and nearby areas. To cope up with the constantly evolving space, expanding to new business lines and using modern tools and technology is part of Mithaas’ future blueprint.