Mizrun: Towards Building a Better Society with 360 Degree Business Solutions

 Laldinliana,    CEOThe north east region of India which has long been considered a snail in terms of industrial growth is now rising to be the future hub for SMEs. As the central government gave the NER region’s IT industry a significant push by setting up six IT parks in Guwahati, Shillong, Imphal, Aizawl, Kohima and Agartala it also will further boost India’s IT and business services market which was valued at $7.15 bn in 2022. However, in states like Mizoram, the industrial growth is yet to gain its momentum due to several adverse factors such as limited accessibility to reliable surface transport, poor means of communication and infrastructure, lack of skilled labour and shortage of capital. This is where MIZRUN came into the picture to support the local MSMEs with its inclusive business solutions in order for the small entrepreneurial ventures to thrive despite the difficulties and grow their businesses.

MIZRUN operates as a B2B firm that offers technological and sales & marketing assistance to the MSMEs in Mizoram. Headquartered at the capital of Mizoram, Aizawl, MIZRUN aims to help local entrepreneurs to position themselves well in the market and direct them towards scalability. Their mission is to build employment opportunities and establish
Mizoram as a conducive milieu to business startups in the domestic canvas of trade. With a client base of over 500 businesses, MIZRUN is actualizing its vision to help the state build a better matrix for socio-economic development.

Empowerment Trajectory
MIZRUN is poised to offer a wide spectrum of business solution to MSMMEs across Mizoram that includes technological support, financial & accounting management, sales & marketing and logistics support among others. The company was founded in 2017 as a partnership firm under the name of MIZDEN which was supposed to be an online food delivery service like Zomato or Swiggy in the beginning. Later it transformed its services to emerge as a 360 degree business solution platform for small businesses. Their one-stop business support service rose to prominence over the years of evolution as MIZRUN. It has an in-house software technology unit called Shaiwave technology that provides automation software support to its client and also delivers its software development service to various innovative projects. Their logistic support comes with transport convenience of motorbikes and four-wheelers. They have a poultry supply chain named MIZFARM through which they organized Mizoram’s fragmented poultry industry and aggregate the local poultry farmers from rural areas. There is a practice across Mizoram to help the ones in distress. MIZRUN, as a solution providing organization is driven by this cultural practice and pledged to aid in enterprising initiatives in a comprehensive manner to enhance the community resources around the state and mobilise those.

Laldinliana, CEO at MIZRUN states, “Our goal is to bring positive change into the society and increase employment opportunities across Mizoram”.

Future Endeavours
Mizroram cherishes its social capital in terms of diverse culture with all its natural and energy resources. The state holds the potential to grow as a significant industrial ecosystem in the future. MIZRUN is planning to tap into such possibilities and expand outside Mizoram as well. “Our cultural richness with diversity along with the strategic geographic location that connects us to South-East Asian markets holds enormous scope for us to grow as an eminent business solutions provider in India. We have sizeable resources of aroma that we would like to capitalise on in the near future alongside continuing to build more opportunistic doorways for the Mizo youth”, Laldinliana concludes.