Nexus Professionals: Building Bridges to Connect Talent & Opportunity

M. Saraswat, Co-Founder

M. Saraswat


The Staff augmentation services and Recruitment Startups industry is witnessing a significant shift towards technology-driven solutions. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are essential in streamlining recruitment processes, improving candidate matching, and reducing time-to-hire. Additionally, there is a growing trend towards remote and flexible work, leading to an increased demand for contract-based staff augmentation services. The industry is also seeing a rise in niche and specialized recruitment startups catering to specific industries and skill sets. Established in 2021, Nexus Professionals is a leading provider of Talent Acquisition services for the Software Services & IT Product Development industries.

The HR industry in India faces challenges during economic recessions, as companies tend to reduce staffing levels or freeze hiring. This results in a decrease in demand for recruitment services and can negatively impact revenue and growth for HR firms. Nexus Professionals was founded to bring a unique approach to recruitment and provide value to clients and job seekers. The ‘Great Resignation’ created both opportunities and challenges for the company, but it has adapted to these changes by increasing its focus on niche sectors, developing innovative recruitment strategies, improving candidate sourcing, and strengthening client branding and candidate engagement efforts. To
succeed in a recessionary environment, the company has implemented procedures such as building solid relationships with clients, improving the candidate experience, and adapting to changing market conditions. “These efforts have allowed Nexus Professionals to continue to provide value to clients and job seekers in the ever-changing recruitment landscape”, speaks M. Saraswat, Co-Founder.

The companys goal is to add real value to its clients’ businesses & enhance the careers of those they appoint

Transforming HR through Innovation & Expertise
Nexus Professionals provides Talent Acquisition services for Software Services and IT Product Development organizations across domains. The firm offers Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) solutions to help companies reduce costs, improve efficiency, and ensure a consistent hiring experience. It also provides Executive Hiring services to help clients find the right fit for their business. In addition, it offers permanent or one-time hiring services, working closely with clients to understand their requirements and screen candidates. Nexus Professionals has seen consistent growth and demand in AI, Cloud Computing, Cyber security, Salesforce, and Low Code Technologies such as Pega, Appian, and Outsystems. “The company's goal is to add real value to our clients’ businesses and enhance the careers of those they appoint”, speaks M. Saraswat.

Nexus Professionals believes that the key to success lies in having a high-performing team. The team members are passionate and driven, always striving to provide the best possible service to clients and candidates. The company fosters an environment of open communication, continuous improvement, and work life balance, where team members can thrive professionally and personally.With the latest technological advancements and shifts in the job market, the company is always looking for new opportunities to improve its skills and knowledge. Utilizing social media and digital channels allows the company to reach and engage with candidates, building the employer brand in the process.

Nexus Professionals plans to involve embracing new technologies to streamline processes, utilizing data and analytics to drive decision making, prioritizing client needs and providing value added services, and exploring new industries and geographies to diversify its offerings. The goal is to be a trusted partner for organizations seeking to build a diverse professional workforce.