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Naveen Valsakumar  Co-Founder & CEO &  Bhargava Adepalley  Co-Founder & CTO,    Jana Pillay   Co-Founder & CCO

(L-R) Naveen Valsakumar, Jana Pillay & Bhargava Adepalley, Co-Founders

With a population of over 1.28 billion people, which is estimated to surpass China’s by 2030, India is seen as a lucrative market by all major publishers. Interestingly, the country’s literacy rate has seen a significant improvement over the last ten years. A survey conducted by the National Council of Applied Economic Research called the National Youth Readership survey shows that three out of four youths in the country are literate. With an overall literacy rate of 74.04 percent, which is expected to reach 90 percent by 2020, the Indian book market seems to be on the right track. Also, the country releases books close to about 22 languages and ranks third, only after the USA and the UK, in the publishing of English books.

Optimistic about the future, Jana Pillay, Co-Founder &CCO, Notion Press, states “Given the size of the market and the scope that this domain holds, the most immediate opportunity has to be in terms of book formats. Although print books are still the mainstay of the Indian book market, eBooks and audiobooks have so much scope for growth, and publishers must attempt to maximize their opportunities in this space.”
Chennai-based Notion Press, way ahead of its competitors, is said to capture the market, thereby improving the overall experience in the publishing ecosystem. “With so much demand for books, we need to find more innovative ways of helping books reach the right type of readers. Whether it’s by strengthening digital marketing or establishing partnerships with other platforms or building an active reading community, there is an opportunity here that needs an innovative solution,” asserts Bhargava Adepalley, Co-Founder & CTO, Notion Press.

Elevating the True Expression of Freedom through Innovative Self-Publishing Solutions

Founded in 2012, Notion Press started its journey with an aim to help first-time authors get their work published and bring it into the market, seamlessly. That was just the beginning. However, the story of the inception of the company has a personal twist to it. The co-founders themselves had to go through difficult times to publish a book. The rigidity in the system and the indifference from the publishing houses urged them to start Notion Press. Since then, there has been no looking back for them.

Keeping it personalized, user-friendly and simple, Notion Press’s Xpress Publishing provides a seamless interface where authors can create and design their book in just a matter of minutes by using in-built templates and tools. Also, it offers dedicated expert-driven publishing services to those who need help through its Guided Publishing format. The innovative tools and the dedicated experts help create the best version of every book and provide the platform to take each book directly to its readers.

Founded in 2012, Notion Press started its journey with an aim to help first-time authors get their work published and bring it into the market, seamlessly

Team Notion Press

Small Actions have a Bigger Impact!

From three people during the initial days to a team of 200+ members currently, with a presence in three of the biggest markets in Asia, the team has never rested on its laurels that include serving the largest author community and publishing over 6000 titles for first-time authors. The company’s roadmap ahead is clear, both in terms of publishing and business objectives. In the coming years, the company will have its presence across the globe.

Naveen concludes on a positive note, “If you are a leader, consultant, CEO, entrepreneur, a speaker or an upcoming professional in your line of work, there is a huge demand in the market for your knowledge and expertise. Authoring a book can establish you as a thought leader in your industry, as well as generate amazing exposure for your name or brand. A book is, in fact, one of the most impactful business cards you can use.”