Okda Solutions: Premier Provider of Manpower through Customized Training and Solutions

Shoukat Ali Shaik,CEOWith the workforce strength of 100+ employees that caters to 180+ clients and having its presence across major cities, Hyderabad headquartered Okda Solutions has been a provider of total recruitment services & solutions to corporate firms in IT, Non-IT industries and healthcare sector since time immemorial. Helping the leading companies to efficiently, find, hire and retain capable individuals for critical positions, the company endeavours to be a premier name in the recruitment industry and be recognized as the world’s most preferred consulting services entity.

The Indian economy at present is on the curve of innovation, creation and rapid expansion. Thus, ensuring a high requirement for specialized skill sets. Also, the disruptions in the market due to new technological advancements are translating the business idea into the success. This has not only created a room for growth for employers to catch hold of the best talents built also has made job aspirants connect to the name, rather than searching and wasting time. Though all are gearing up to march for the fast-pacing scenario, the process laid is often found to be a non-articulated manner.
Moreover, in course of time, the challenge to take a job for a college student was seen at the most, in fact, it was a similar problem for the companies. Therefore, identifying the problems and deciding to bridge the gap between the employers and the employees, Okda Solutions came into existence.

"Okda Solutions endeavours to be a premier name in the recruitment industry and be recognized as the world’s most preferred consulting services entity “

“We observed the preferences from both the ends in choosing a platform and their comfortability. As the recruitment market possesses enough space to accommodate new entrants and engage talents, but there exists a huge gap between the employee & employers and it demands a fair procedure. Foreseeing this we came up with Okda Solutions, says Shoukat Ali Shaik, CEO, Okda Solutions.

Professional, Cost Effective& Exceptional Service Offerings
Established as a manpower consulting firm with specialization in IT & Healthcare sector, Okda believes that success is defined by the quality of executives they recommend and by the contributions these executives make to the clients they serve. Overcoming the challenges to understand the client's culture, type of person, their behaviour and are they able to be fit in the effective environment, the
Going ahead with the philosophy to cater recruitment needs with integrity & objectivity, Okda Solutions delivers its services in three key areas viz.-'Manpower
company has been able to develop a long-term relationship with its clients and is also been referred for very profile & top notch companies as its client base.

Consulting, Healthcare Consulting & Overseas Placements'. Through its services, it aims to recruit high caliber professionals for the clients. “We just don’t rely on job portals. With our own job management system, we shortlist candidates profiles, filter and save them. This helps us in responding to our clients’ needs in the shortest possible time, which is critical to both the company and the job seekers, ensuring right candidate for the right job.” He adds, “Another core area of our service includes complete medical & staffing solutions in the healthcare industry. Also, we have partnered with different companies of the world to facilitate overseas job placements.”

Currently based in Pune, Bangalore & New Delhi,Okda signifies that technology will be a key player in re-forming & re-defining the recruitment industry. Growing exponentially in the last financial year, the company aims to increase its target base along with hiring more employees. Taking latest technological advancements in the account, Okda wants to and carve a niche by being known as a 100 percent full-fledged recruitment platform for both employers & employees.