OnetoBeam: Smartphone guided VR Platform

Prajwal Mugali,Co-Founder & Director

Prajwal Mugali, Co-Founder & Director

An idea created a perspective. The perspective created a product and that product is the fantasy everyone wants to see. Creativityamalgamated with technology has been the standing matrix for some products that have brought about the transformation in the perception of the e-world. OnetoBeam by Armonia Technologies belongs to that sect of Augmented & Virtual Reality products which wants to fulfil the fantasy of having a guided youtube for VR content. A platform that will not only be the holistic for VR content but will also be the guide of the consumers throughout the whole session. “It's a space that is niche. It's a space that is growing. Numbers have projected the valuation of $220 Bn for this industry and now, even the military is using VR technologies for training their cadets”, says Prajwal Mugali, Founder, Armonia Technologies.

The Glory in Overcoming the Obstacles
When it comes to the market of Augmented & Virtual reality products, pricing plays the most important role. The current cost of AR VR headsets is much beyond the common man’s reach whereas he can easily have access to a smartphone on which the content is played. This difference in the pricing brings about the problem of unavailability of the end solution to the masses. With OnetoBeam, the hardware requirement becomes minimal for a consumer in order to have access to Virtual Reality without spending a fortune. Prajwal states, “We're making very cost efficient and very minimalistic hardware requirement for our product. There is no use for sensors because someone will be controlling it using another phone and that person will know what exactly the person on the other end is looking at. So, we are providing very minimal hardware at very low cost so that we can bring in every single vertical of the industry.”

" With OnetoBeam, the hardware requirement becomes minimal for a consumer in order to have access to Virtual Reality without spending a fortune"

Another challenge that is brimming is that the Augmented & Virtual reality industry is getting fragmented and scattered by the
innovation of numerous products with each passing day. It seems that each and every product that has been developed using AR & VR technology is subject specific and has no relation with one
another. Resultantly, the overall impact of this industry on the society is not getting scrutinized. OnetoBeam aims to bring all possible VR content into a single platform and guide a content consumer about the content and in the process put on display the over reaching potential of this industry. “OnetoBeam showcases a product using VR in the most simple, convenient and efficient manner”, asserts Prajwal.

The Growth & the Future Ahead
It has only been a year since inception; OnetoBeam has 27 clients onboard today and has efficiently generated positive feedback with the constant dedication of Armonia Technologies team. Having sales & marketing experience from Toyota India as well from Toyota Dubai, Prajwal knew the nature of the product that can be effective for the market but wasn’t trained in developing a product like that. So he channelized his motivation to understand the technical parameters and was eventually successful in the creation of the OnetoBeam platform. Expressing the road ahead for OnetoBeam, he concludes, “We're focusing on that B2B space right now from where we can have the wheel running to fuel that B2C space where people will be free to upload content. It's strategic that we don't both to grow in a parallel manner.”